“I could not afford to live”


To think this poor woman took her life in such a horrific way; and didn’t even know who was behind all this bedroom tax.

In England years ago there were a window tax. These bastards taxed people on how many windows people had. That is why you still see to this day bricked-up windows. That is where the term “daylight robbery” comes from.

And these scum are still at it. Throttling people for having a extra bedroom, whilst they lord it up in their 6 bedroom mansions. Some having many muti-bedroom properties, which we have paid for. That sentence springs to mind “You just couldn’t make it up.”

All of this duplicity we tolerate. They get away with it, because we let them get away with it.

I know there are thousands of deaths on a daily basis, both hard kill and soft kill. Stephanie Bottrill’s life is no more important than for example the Indian farmers who are committing suicide due to this judaic cult. But this single tragedy is worth highlighting, both for tribute to her life and also that her suicide had meaning, in that represented all the other suicides.

We need to express the undercurrent of strain people are under. Behind their facade smiles and ‘everything is ok’ outlook – there is a very real social angst. The same nagging angst which Stephanie had felt for many years. The bedroom tax was really just the last straw for her.

These bastards must pay for their crimes. How dare they enforce this level of cruelty. We cannot stand by and allow Stephanie’s life and the millions of others lives who we don’t hear about, be insignificant pieces of news. There are going to be thousands more Stephanies’ if we do not confront these demonically-driven psychopaths.

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