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For those who have read a sufficient amount of my essays, will know how frustrated I get with New Agers :-). Especially the New Agers who actually don’t know, or deny they are in fact New Agers. 

There seems to be a trend lately with them talking about running off to Portugal to set up an eco village. Phewww – doesn’t it make you wana puke. Ohh, these people make my blood boil.

Here are reasons why I find this concept nonsensical 

1/. It’s selfish

The main reason we are in this mess is because of selfishness. Not caring about others who are being oppressed around the world, and not caring enough for those around us who are being oppressed. These new agers are partially to blame for letting this insanity happen. They’ve let our societies become polluted and destroyed.

So how they think this time, things are going to be magically different is beyond me(??) It’s another case of I’m all right Jack attitude. Big chunks of the world are being decimated and these grown up children are intending to just ignore issues and run off to do their thing in their isolated world of abundance. Incredible! Pure unadulterated selfishness.



2/. It’s futile

Again, these people are so deluded. Their problem is they are not mature enough to grasp the bigger picture of what really is going on. I cannot tell you how many new agers I have tried to wake up to the JCN. But they just will not have it. They either go silent on you, or try to weave around the topics of Jewish involvement; implying your information is negative or not in alignment with their new-age style consciousness. Ignoring a problem, certainly is not consciousness. Yet they are too far gone; you are wasting your breath with these smiling fools. They are too childlike to face the music.

Even though most of them have worked out at least something is very wrong; and many know all about the NWO/Illuminati. That’s why they are running. But they have fallen for the trap of believing that if they just think positive thoughts, it will all magically go away like a nasty rash.

They just can’t seem to fathom that the New WORLD order really means that. That these monsters are globalists and want the whole WORLD, and these globalists are not going to conveniently leave out a pocket of utopia in Portugal, just because these new age idiots believe in abundance. Ohh it’s painful. How myopic can they be??



3/. Deja vu

Because they continuously refuse to face the music regarding the JWO, they haven’t fully grasped how this usurpation of the planet works. It really is like dealing with overgrown children.

Because they are seeped in denial and ignorance of how the world works, they think that they can run off to their new abundance world and just start all over again. As mentioned in 1/. they are approaching this from a selfish position. But not only that, all the other loaded baggage they are going to take with them.

Therefore it can never ever work, because they are just spoilt overgrown children. It’s not so much eco warriors, but more ego warriors. They are deluded if they think they can just organically start up new micro kingdoms without first addressing the core issues of why they are leaving their societies in the first place.

They will not accept they played their roles in that filthy society, absolutely played a passive role in allowing it get in the mess it is in. So it is partially their fault and they should take responsibility to stand firm and do their bit to help fix it. Not run away from their mess.



4/. Infiltration

Yet again it all gets back to them not being mature or courageous enough to face the music about who really is behind the NWO. I have met and chatted with literally hundreds of new agers and they are like a race. They think they are so different, but they are so so samey. Same dress, same lifestyles, same habits, same annoying monotone voice, same use of words and same narcissistic groupthink mindset. All of them infected by the disease of new-agism.

They are all into escapism at some level or another. Unable to face reality at every level. This is dangerous to them and society. And because they do not understand how the Jewish mindset works, and refuse to; they leave themselves vulnerable to infiltration, even before their wonderworld gets a chance to get set up. They really haven’t got a clue about how the JCN works.

Even if for some bizarre reason they managed to get some sort of project started. As soon as it becomes established, the Jewish infiltrators will be in there. Sneaking in through the back door, then just like the society these new age fools are leaving; the criminal Jews will gradually get into positions of influence. Organising and gaining footholds of authority. Divide and rule. Then before you know it, their whole project has been kosher infected and will consequently implode.

These new agers will have invested everything into their eco utopia world and they will have nowhere else to run to; other than back to the judaic society they left behind.

It’s so so sad. But what can you do? They are their own worse enemy. They refuse to listen to you. All they want to do is run, escape, hide and pretend to themselves things will somehow be different this time.

I want to scream at them ……..







The Dell Garden, Bressingham, Norfolk

It’s as if there is a bully in the garden, picking on others. Some of the children (new agers) don’t like the vibe of the bully and what they witness. So instead of collectively sticking up for the ones who are being bullied – instead, they run away to a corner of the garden to try and hide from the bully.

In a nutshell, that’s what all this running off to an eco village in Portugal is about.

These new agers are nothing more than gullible naive pathetic selfish cowardly overgrown children

🙂 and that’s putting it mildly.

But obviously they will deny this, with their excuses of “Focus on the positive man’” and “Abundance” and their watered-down pseudo consciousness talk.

They won’t try and DO SOMETHING to stand up to the bully – oh no. Because that would be negative. That would be judgmental. That would be racist and anti-semitic.

I cannot express enough how dangerous new agism is to society. It is a super powerful weapon of the JCN. There are literally millions of new agers, all stuck in groupthink; yet thinking they are so radical and different. Mass mind control.

I am so sure the purpose of New Agism was another clever mind control system, deliberately set up years in advance by some think tank, in order to capture those souls who would wake up; in order to defuse and divert their potential energy.

It is the exact same role of the likes of Alex Jones – again, acting as a safety net to contain and defuse all that potential defiant energy. Pacifying all those people who could potentially make a stand against the crimes of the JCN.

All of these people turned into passive observers.

All of them deniers of the JCN.

All of them running in fear, yet claiming they are facing their fears.

All of them thinking they are radically different, when they’re seeped in groupthink.

All of them having so much potential to stand up to tyranny, standing up for what is right and standing their ground.

Potential Truth warriors morphed into Eco warriors.

These people will be artificially smiling right up until they are prematurely killed, by the same force they refuse to acknowledge.

Doesn’t it makes you want to cry.



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  1. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  May 16, 2013

    You have once again pointed out another particularly useful group of ‘tools’ for our common enemy. Well said!

    • Thank you Val. New Agism is far more deadly than we can imagine. It has scooped up literally millions of potential Truth activists and made them into passive zombies.

  2. russ hook

     /  May 17, 2013

    Thanx Digger, a good example of this INFILTRATION was on the Ringing Cedars Revolution website. It only took me a few weeks to suss them out. Then when I challenged the operators on that site I was banned of course. I got back on though and showed the well-meaning suckers on there what was going on. It turns out the woman who started the site Billa is really mind-f**ked, and is probably an MK’d ASSet! She staged a fake robbery down in Costa Rica and was revealed as a lying parasite who conned people into sending her $$$. I am still in contact with her ex-partner who experienced this insanity, and described an MK victim to a tee. I will be sending this page to him.
    There is nothing wrong with LIVING the solutions like I do, but trying to HIDE from these demons, and ignoring the elephant in your living room isn’t the answer like you say. That is why there very are few like me, that I have seen, who lead by example, and are not afraid to speak out about the Jewish Criminal Network. Loveforlife seem to have solutions but for the life of me I don’t see why they ignore the obvious Jewish question???? Something is DEF not right there!

    • Russ, thank you, this probably has to be one of your finest, grounded, balanced 🙂 comments – you know what I mean. Agree with all you stated.


  3. russ hook

     /  May 17, 2013

    BTW David Icke has scooped up a good number himself, and NEUTERED them. I hope that wasn’t too “judgeMENTAL” man!!! L0L

  4. So sad as these are gentle, well-educated people. Just unable to look outside the box they have trapped themselves in. Not a lot different from ‘experts’ in any trade or profession, medical, science, financial, education – whatever, who are so pressed by their employers they don’t have an iota of intelligence left to question the world crumbling around them. Even worse is a New Ager with a guitar – they can’t even lift up their heads to look at the chemtrails!

    • Agree SG – well-educated people. Unfortunately the sad thing is most of them are very much aware of things such as chemtrails. This was kind of why I wrote this essay – it’s because they know and have decided, through their groupthink to run off and pretend the problem isn’t there; or they can somehow ‘fix’ the problem through their crystal healing, positive thinking, playing drums and dancing to cure Mother Earth. That’s why I think these people are so dangerous and the situation is so so sad because of their potential has been defused by ‘another’ analogy, as you pointed out.

      Thank you again for contributing

  5. Matthew/Boston

     /  May 18, 2013


    New-Agers are a thing of the past here. They may be going strong or numerous in Great Britain but they faded out here. I can’t tell you even when. That might be because they were never taken seriously. You don’t hear as much as the term anymore.

    • Hi Matthew,

      I know what you mean. I have termed them this, I think my term was outdated, but I think the latest phase are “crusties” or travelers, or vanies (those who live in vans) or eco-warriors and suchlike.

      Thanks for contributing

  6. Matthew/Boston

     /  May 18, 2013

    By the way, that’s a very cute couple.

    • That’s the problem, they are endearing generally. But damn frustrating. It’s just so sad to see just defused potential

  7. tone

     /  May 18, 2013

    hit the “age of aquarius” nail right on the head!!!
    so sad but true.
    great post like usual

  1. Hide from the bully

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