Disabled Terrorists

Thank God we have such brave men on our streets. What would we do without these heros in costumes? To think their having to deal with all these handicapped terrorists roaming our streets in broad daylight causing havoc to society. Don’t you just feel safer now. These fine officers should be proud of themselves. They can go home to their wives and children having been proud of doing a fine days work. Now that’s where your taxes go to.


As for the amazing skills of this cameraman. CNN should whip him up straight away for his talent. I like the way he chose to film it in portrait and just amazing how still he kept the camera. I particularly like the way he focused the shot on the back of someone’s black jacket – that was important whilst the scene was going on.

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  1. This is shocking. Just think of the hundreds (more I’m sure) of similar incidents going on at the same time where nobody was around to witness and video. For police thugs to act like that, and to have such a huge amount of back-up, they have to have been trained to take that action as a first resort. The woman who took the video will be lucky if she’s not tracked down and ‘severely’ punished just for being there and daring to film.
    It reminds me of a case a year or so ago in britain where an innocent man was carrying a table leg wrapped up in a bag that he was taking home to repair. Police decided he was carrying a weapon so they just shot him dead. NO LEEWAY FOR DOUBT ANYMORE – ALL BRAIN AND LOGIC REMOVED – that’s how it is folks.

    • Yes SG, incredible. But even if we do ‘eventually’ rebel against this force – the Jews will still be rubbing their hands, the winners; because it will be Gentiles fighting Gentiles.

  2. Matthew/Boston

     /  May 18, 2013

    Yes, that women operating the camera has remarkable skill. She truly has a natural talent if she isn’t a professional, which judging by her work, she very well may be. She is obviously very bright.

  1. Disabled Terrorists

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