Consciousness Key


5 Key Elements in Understanding this Agenda


The purpose of this essay is to present this information in an easy-to-absorb format, as I have covered these subjects in so many other essays, which all overlap. Related posts on these subjects are at the end of this essay.

I am presenting an opportunity for all of us to detach for a moment from the drama of what is going on in our lives and in this world; and reflectively look at the bigger picture. What all this is about. What the ROOT cause of this NWO/JWO is – whatever political or analytical angle we take on this; I would strongly suggest all of it comes down to these 5 key elements.



1/. The Eight Negative Traits

(i) Anger (aggression)

(ii) Desire (materialism)

(iii) Greed

(iv) Hatred

(v) Impatience

(vi) Jealousy

(vii) Lust

(viii) Revenge



2/. SEAS 

The four destructive pillars, which are the basis of the eight negative traits.







3/. FBI


The reason why society is so insecure is because it is not grounded in the following two key areas.




The above three elements are in the physical world (as we experience it). However these last two key elements are directly related to the metaphysical. If we cannot grasp these; then we will never have a full understanding the bigger picture, despite being ‘experts’ in any field of knowledge in this agenda.



4/. The Absolute Truth 

(i) Our True Self  as opposed to our ego selves. This is our true identity, who we truly are. This is probably the fundamental message of true spirituality and where ALL our FBI stems from. The kingdom of God is within. Our ignorance (ignoring) of this essential element, is at the core of ALL the issues we face today and all the problems we have known throughout history.

This is essentially really knowing that we are souls. The difference between body consciousness and soul consciousness. The difference between reacting in situations based in a state of FBI in body consciousness and responding in a state of love in soul consciousness.

(ii) The Big Illusion

Some people term this the nature of reality. It is defined in spiritual terms as the dream state of illusion or in Vedic language as Maya (illusion).

I am presenting it in two sections:

a – EVERYTHING in our lives is energy (consciousness). Fact! This is probable independent quantum science. Everything (matter) is atoms – atomic vibrational energy.

b – Our entire life experience is in our mind/imagination (consciousness) Fact! This is obvious; we cannot deny that all our sensory expressions are sensed in our mind.

This is essentially saying that our entire lives are manifested through our consciousness. That we are projecting everything we experience on our personal screens in front of us. It can be no other way. Which modern-day science is now ‘discovering’. Science and true spirituality are yet again joining hands in alignment, as they did thousands of years ago.



5/. The Forces

(i) Dualities

Good vs Evil, darkness vs Light and God vs satan.

(ii) Spirits

Asuras/djinn/archons – demonic entities vs guardian angels – good spirits



In conclusion

The ROOT problem behind all this mess is that we have allowed ourselves to be coerced (as individuals and collectively as a society) to turn our backs on true spirituality.


In a nutshell – we have become collectively unconscious.


That’s it!


So if that is the root cause, therefore that is the key out of this prison. The consciousness key. To obtain this magic key, all we need to do as individuals is fully embrace spirituality. This is THE most practical thing you(we) can do in your life. How can it not be, when spirituality is nothing other than pragmatic(?) If you are a fixer in life – then you surely will see the sense in fixing this spiritual problem spiritually.



There is a global play. A world drama scene full of improvisational actors. All of them to an extent have free will on the outcome of the play, with many of the Jewish actors playing their antagonistic supremacist roles. But behind the scenes there are many influencing agents in the form of demonic entities and opposing guardian angels. However the two contrasting directors who have the most sway over the entire drama production are Mr Divine and Mr Satan.



The Five Stages of comprehending these key elements

(i) A cursory browse and tentative interest – academically

(ii) A deeper look into these ‘theories’ – academically

(iii) A understanding through beginning the process of implementing these practices – academically/experiential

(iv) A much deeper understanding of consciousness through lots of practice and absorbing the scriptures – experiential

(v) A deeper inner knowing through immersing oneself deeply in consciousness awareness – experiential



Summary of these 5 key elements

1/. The Eight Negative Traits: anger, desire, greed, hatred, impatience, jealousy, lust and revenge

2/. Selfishness Ego Attachment Separatism

3/. Fear-Based Insecurities


4/. The Absolute Truth: (i) Our True Self (ii) The Big Illusion

5/. The Forces: (i) Dualities (ii) Spirits



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