Who are you kidding?



Don’t kid yourself that judaism is just another world religion. Don’t be fooled. Snap out of your judaified stupor and wake up to reality. The same reality your ancestors knew about and umpteen cultures have been aware about throughout the age of time. This virus on humanity is the Jewish question, which has cursed humanity for thousands of years. 


an anti-social disease

a serious nuisance on humanity

the antipode of goodness and beauty

a mass mind control cult 





asuras/djinn/demon-driven force

global rabies 

an anti-social meme


a mental illness

an anchor on society




mind-altering programme

satan’s instrument 

an anti-social virus

a demonic negative influence our world

evil with an MO


a criminal syndicate 

a predator parasitic disorder

a social menace



a supremacist elitist ideology

a crime scheme

organised cruelty 

a perversion of nature

psychological disorder

a destructive regressive force

a scourge on humanity




a rapacious, exploitative, depraved, retarded, archaic ideology 



the planet’s cancer

This time this social disease is not in pockets here n there; it is a global endemic. This ideology must be eradicated from our society, from the planet. For those who like to confuse and twist words – the ideology of judaism must be eradicated from society, NOT Jews.

A huge deprogramming/exorcism programme must take place. This negative force must be stopped from destroying everything that exists – including it’s cult members.



Humanity has got to embrace consciousness. 



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  1. anon

     /  May 15, 2013

    Digger in his writing shows compassion and a rational understanding which is rare today.
    I was born in the baby boom just after W W II and I spent many years seeking out people to find out the truth of W W II and the evil that grips us today, the cold hand of the bankers that squeezes out every last penny, the last drops of blood that the government allows to be taken from our people. I only discovered the internet 10 years ago, and found all the years of visiting oldies in care homes and hospitals to find out just one piece of the jigsaw, is all on the internet, in weeks I found what had taken me 50 years of searching, and its thanks to truthtellers like Digger.
    Thanks Digs.

  2. Digger, you always hit it on the head and say what others should be seeing,crystalising the whole rotten global picture that has been fractured and bruised by the crime gang.

    Thanks for your astute observations.

  3. No wonder the move to normalize homosexuals. Makes jewish sucking of the new born seem acceptable/normal. Very sick indeed

  4. Great writing digger as always. But I truly believe that they are beyond saving after year s of victimhood, paranoia and self pity/hate there is little hope to change their warped mentality.

    • Thanks JS, you may be right. But perhaps we can at least alter a social norm – am I deluded??

  5. Reblogged this on juiceslayer's Blog and commented:
    Finding a good jew is as probable as getting struck by lightning or capturing Bigfoot

  6. Great bit of writing digger as always but I believe they are far gone and way beyond the point of saving as years of paranoia, hypocrisy, decadence, blood ritual, demonic sacrifices, self hate/pity and victimhood and never ending deceit and treachery has forever warped the jew mentality. I always believe in the good of man but this time I must make an exception.

  7. As someone who has lived through WWII and several DP camps afterwards, I can assure you that the statement above are true. Whether it is waiting in line for food, or waiting in line to emigrate, they would muscle in ahead of everyone claiming “victimhood”. Interestingly many of those who claimed victimhood, were ex soldiers of Wehrmacht, pretending to be “suffering soccotashes”

    • Welcome to DFT amigocabal,

      Thank you. Interesting comments. Have you done any interviews? I’m sure you have a lot to share.

      Thank you for contributing.


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