Protest and Duress

people getting arrested in costume 19 - botargas mal portadas


Here are a few statements which you may wish to use to defend yourself against an ‘unlawful’ arrest.

This is not legal advice, just information.


The principle of Freeman-on-the-Land is that nobody has the authority over you ………unless you give your willing consent for that person to have authority over you.


No consent = NO CONTRACT


These are only applicable if you have incurred no harm, loss or injury to another person.


You are never above the law, always working within the law – Common Law, under the Magna Carta.


You can type these up (as double-sided), adding your full name and print them, sign them in red ink and laminate many of them. A suitable size would be approximately 70mm x 90mm. You could make half a dozen or more of them, so you have them in various places. Your car, bags, jackets, wallet, etc.


You can either say these, or just hand it to the ‘officer’.



Front side


“I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntary and intentionally. And I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial or commercial agreement, which are my rights pursuit to common law.”


Claimant: Joe – of the Blogs family 


Signed  (signature in red [sample]




Reverse side


“You do not have my consent to touch me, search me, take my fingerprints, blood, DNA, placed on database or for any officer to ask me further questions.” 


“Officer I am a peaceful wo/man, if you are going to arrest me there will be no need for force or violence, I will not resist arrest; however, you are obliged to note that I will be operating under ‘protest and duress’ at all times. I reserve my rights at all times, and wave none of my rights at any time for cause or reason. I do not consent to this arrest.”



Obviously the trick is not to get arrested in the first place. But, as we well know, these days one only needs to be attending a demo or look radical these days for one of these non-thinking organic robots to create an excuse for an arrest.


The main thing to remember is if you are acting lawfully, you must remain with the Truth, keep your cool – NEVER react, by being abusive or have an attitude, no matter how unjust it may be. You must always respond to the situation. Know your rights, be defiant, have tenacity and keep your self worth.





No Contract



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