I shake my head through disheartenment

it’s so so sad

when I look upon all you people

playing your roles

serving this judaic monster

what a shame – to say the least

to think how things could be

I often think to myself 

if you only knew

that you knew that you were being used

that you knew that you were mind controlled

that you were playing your part in your own destruction

you were playing your role in killing off your loved ones

if you only knew

it almost makes me weep

to think of all that energy



off on the wrong path

yet again

ohh – if you only knew

you too would weep

and to think that some of you will never work it out  

right up until your dying breath

like so many in history who perished in ignorance

servants of satan

loyal to the beast

if only

if only you would suss it out

break through your selfishness

break through your ego

break through your attachments

break through your separatism

and break through your fear-based insecurities 

but the damage is done

We try to have hope in you

but we do believe most of you are too far gone

behind our frustration in you

we understand 

we know it’s because you’re so confused

your ideals and grip on the situation is so messed up

it makes me sad

it makes many of us sad

when we think how things could be

all those skills

all that energy

all that loyalty

all that good intent

and just to think



of all that potential



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  1. russ hook

     /  May 14, 2013

    The parasite JEW has used the UK for centuries to destroy the rest of humanity. It was called the British Empire, financed by who? Rothschild banksters? London is their main home base. Why do you think SATANISM is so concentrated in that small island? Why do you think CCTV cameras are everywhere you go to monitor your every move? Now these parasites have all of us under their jackboot, only b/c the TOXIC IDIOT CATTLE educated in JEW-skools are given a gun, uniform, and minimum wage to ENFORCE THEIR OWN SLAVERY! IS THERE ANYTHING AS INSANE AS THAT????? 2nd line from “The Secret Covenant,” “Those who will see it, will be thought of as insane.”

  2. Those followers will be the goons of the concentration camps/FEMA camps to hold the rest of us. The jew deception has poisoned people’s minds to such a huge extent they have lost all logical sense of reason. Exactly as you say, the potential energy that could be put to use to save humanity is diverted to follow this false satanic pathway. These organisations will have been put up to serve jewish interests and they will have cleverly targeted the right people with grievances, muscle and little brain to become followers. They never came to these conclusions themselves – a put-up job – deception all the way.

  1. Forbidden News » Catchment Nets

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