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Note on the term ‘The UK’

The term UK (United Kingdom) is yet more wordplay which has sneaked in through the back door of our subconscious mind as Orwelian Newspeak. We all have been conditioned to term Britain as ‘The UK’.

These crafty bastards have got us all using terms such as this – of course purely for their benefit. It is part of their trickery/illusion. Everything works on illusion and perception to them. The term UK is a legal fiction. This means it is near-on meaningless. Well, meaningless as far as our perceived reality in the natural world. But these entities have to work outside the realms of nature; therefore they use their good old deception. And they are good at it. They should be, they have many many years of experience with it.

An example and classic legal entity is the term ‘the person’. This is something which is around our metaphoric necks all our lives. And is the core principle of the Freeman-on-the-Land movement. Anyone using the FMOTL techniques is constantly weaving around the entrapment of entering into a contract involving the person.

We have a person, but we are not a person. Like we have a bank account, but we are not that bank account. This means for example that every piece of government related paperwork would address someone called Karen as the person and not as a human being (skin, bone, flesh and blood). They would write to her as the legal entity either as ‘Miss/Mrs Karen Smith’ or in block capitals ‘KAREN SMITH’.

Just have a look through ALL your legal paperwork. Check your bank card out now to see how your name is presented.

They use this legal entity for EVERYTHING. Your passport, driving license, bank details, mortgage details, and on and on it goes. Every ‘legal’ correspondence.  This is all about binding you into their maritime/contract law.

This all stems from old shipping usage. They are pirates and are covertly telling us so. The slave ships would come into the harbor, where the harbor master would issue the captain with a ‘berth certificate’ for exchange of goods/chattle (slaves).

Nothing has really changed. When our deceived parents register us, we were brought into the register office for an exchange of goods (chattle) for a birth certificate (spelled slightly different). Once registered we now belong to the state. Wards of the sate. In fact that’s why they use the term spell for spelling, because through words, they are able to put a spell on us (trickery).

We are all owned – wards of the state – literally SLAVES.

That is why travellers/gypsies who traditionally never registered their children, skip all the legal penalties (legislation) and people could never work out why they kept getting away with it.

But many authorities are in the know with this deception. For example one case a woman never got around to registering her latest child. She had four children and the authorities accused her (in association) of marijuana use and took all four children away. A week later they handed back the last child, having found out it was not registered saying “It’s not ours”.

The word register in legal jargon really means to hand over. So we should not be registering anything of our property. Our houses, boats, cars, guns and especially our loved ones to convert them into persons.

There are so many hints in our vocabulary which are associated with these fleet/shipping terms: apprenticeSHIP, citizenSHIP, in the DOCK at court, the BANKS (river banks), with their CURRENCY (sea currents) of DEPOSITS (on the river banks). Like all of this illusion, when it comes into one’s consciousness, one spots so many.

But this is where the Freeman movement comes in. All fines/penalties which are issued also use this artificial legal entity. And as we are not legal entities, we are human beings and there is no harm, loss or injury; nor have we had a fair trial with a judge on his oath with an independent jury – then we can never ever possibly get fined. And these fraudsters damn well know it.

Freeman/woman never claim to be above the law, they are always working within the real law – Common law under the Magna Carta. Just not in this artificial illusory world of legislation, statutes and acts. Lawful vs legal. No harm loss or injury.

That is why they always get us to write our name in BLOCK CAPITALS when we fill out ‘official’ documents or paperwork. Because they want us to operate within our legal fiction and they want us to enter into a contract with them using our legal fictions. Trickery.

Also notice how they insist on black ink when we fill out forms. This represents dead black blood, as a dead fictional entity. You know if you hit your thumb with a hammer your blood goes black. So as a Freeman/woman we sign any paperwork in red ink (noting we are alive flesh and blood) – never black! And that’s why there is such a taboo about writing in ‘blood’ red.

So these maniacs work on the principle, as with ALL of this illusion, that the sheople wont suss out this humungous scam. That the sheeple are either too sleepy, naive, or in fear to contest it. It’s all perception and deception – as you well know.

And that’s why we should never ever verbally give our name out to anyone who claims to have authority over us. As this automatically enters us into a legal contract as the person. If we do – BANG they have got legal right over us and our chattle (possessions).

Ha – but now the courts know people are waking up. And they are getting petrified. In Britain [not the UK :-)] there is a huge wave of people telling them to stick their legislation. And boy are they panicking.

So similarly by them using the term UK; this allows AN UNNATURAL LEGAL ENTITY (not natural lawful country) to enter into wars and create UNNATURAL carnage. Because ‘the UK’ is just some legal unnatural fiction resigning somewhere in some box file in an office somewhere. It is a corporation, not a piece of earthly land one can tangibly touch and feel.

Through this legal entity, they can literally get away with murder! And it is the same principle with other countries, even if they haven’t overtly changed the title, they still have converted the country into a corporation. Corporate dead legal warfare attacking life/nature.

I know this sounds bonkers – because it is. It is their insane reasoning behind all their bedlam. Of course it is all demonic what they are doing, but they hide inside this insane legal framework. And they get away with it. Because we let them.

This is why I always try to nudge those of us in the Jew-wise community to really take a look at this significant aspect of the Truth. It affects our lives for decades and everything in our world and most of us don’t realise it.

Here is some further information on this very important and fascinating topic. Don’t panic – one doesn’t have to have a lawyer’s mind to work this out. I’m a chippy and I’ve sussed out the fundamentals; that’s all one needs.




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  1. russ hook

     /  May 14, 2013

    Thanx Digger! W00F! W00F!
    Do you know of this POS Stuart Millard? He is defending SATANIC BABY-FUCKER Jimmy SoVile! He is UK-based also. The pic (if it opens) sez it all bud!


  1. Legal Fraudsters

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