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For those of you who are being ‘unlawfully’ threatened by debt collectors masquerading as bailiffs. Here is a templet letter to fire back to them. 


Firstly this is not legal advice and ultimately it up to each individual what they choose to do in their lives.


Here are the main areas of the letter:

1/. Your address and postcode in [brackets] this denotes that you are mindful of their insane law of the box. Where this gives you protection.


2/. These days I don’t do use registered post with these criminals, as I don’t recognise their communication. So I choose to send my correspondence by standard post and just receive a certificate of post when I pay for the postage at the post office.


3/. The four main points of your letter:

(i) The Title ‘Mr J. Blogs’ is not me.

This is the main aspect of this communication and what this whole scam is built on. This is the crux of the Freeman-on-the-Land movement. YOU do not have a fine. YOU do not have a threat letter. YOU do not have a debt. YOU do not have any legal redress…………..only your artificial legal entity has. THIS IS NOT YOU. You must remember you are a human being made of flesh and blood. You are not this artificial legal entity which was been created by deception when you were a baby through your birth certificate. You are not a dead corporation (corpse). In this case the dead Mr. J. Blogs is simply a very much alive Joe.

(ii) How can it be a lawful binding contract without a signature?? Sometimes they do sign their documents, but this whole scam is still fraudulent.

(iii) When did the human being Joe set up a lawful binding contract with this dead corporation known as ‘Pretend Bailiffs & Co’? He hadn’t even heard about them until they send this letter to his abode. This has nothing to do with Joe boy. Therefore he better send it back to the rightful owners.

(iv) As (iii). As this letter is fraudulent, and not addressed to Joe the human being, then it simply isn’t recognised by Joe. So he’d better send it back. By the way, if he doesn’t send it back, then in law, this means he’s tacitly accepted it. He’s giving their letter ‘and terms’ acceptance. This is another golden rule of FMOTL. NEVER ACCEPT THEIR PAPERWORK. It’s letter table-tennis – get rid of all their correspondence, off it goes back to them. Thanks, but no thanks.

So this means. You invest in a red permanent ink marker pen and write on their ‘original’ (not copy) letter in BIG BOLD RED








4/. I always sign my paperwork in blue or red with just my name NEVER use your title (i.e. Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms). And NEVER in black, because this donates that you are DEAD blood – therefore a CORP(se)oration.

I also write [sample] as this nullifies their use of using your signature for contractual use.


5/. Photocopy their original letter and keep safely in a file.


6/. Then staple their ‘original’ paperwork to your letter. And send it off via normal postage with a certificate of post – hand write the number of the certificate of post on your letter prior to posting.




But more importantly, this communicates to them three messages:

1/. It tells them in no uncertain terms that you know the game.

That you know about their fraudulent practices. That you have sussed out the distinctive differences between their fraudulent Contract Law/Maritime Law and our/your Common Law. You are now educated – informed.

Essentially it is communicating to them that you want nothing to do with their dirty system. You are no-longer part of their (law) society.


2/. And it tells them you ain’t ‘avin’ it – no more – enough is enough. You are not an easy target. A soft touch, easily deceived and a walk over. That YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE BULLIED!



These three points represents the true spirit of resistance 

And we all know that ultimately this is what this agenda is all about: deception and False Emotions Appearing Real.

These scam artists throw out millions of these threat (fear) letters in order to intimidate the unknowing sheople. And it works! Most people do buckle down through two elements:

Fear and Ignorance of the real law 

But enough of us are waking up to their scam. We know our fundamental rights. And it doesn’t matter what a piece of paper says, or ANY law.

  • Nobody has the right to threaten or intimidate you.
  • Nobody has the right to forcefully enter your dwelling.
  • Nobody has authority over you ….unless you willingly submit to that authority


It does matter what official title they have, or costume, nor fancy badge, nor special piece of paper. Because

this right of personal space and privacy does not have to codified or embedded in any manuscript. This is an innate natural law. Especially for a civil matter, such as non-payment of council tax or utility bills.


Remember it is your LAWFUL DUTY NOT TO BE PAYING YOUR TAXES. It is your obligation. You should be refusing to pay taxes with a tyrannical government. It is your ethical duty not to be supporting demonic wars. Your spiritual duty not to be supporting evil.


Why on earth are you complaining about what’s going on if you are supporting it?


If you carry on supporting it, then SHUT UP whining about it. 


Isn’t it about time we stop being part of the problem(?) That we embrace consciousness and break through our artificial fears(?) You know in your heart that is what you have to do. This is your spiritual quest. Life is not about just getting by, selfishly doing your thing. It is a spiritual opportunity. You are not a body with a soul, you are a soul with a body.

This is all about a choice of FEAR or consciousness.

Evil vs Good

Darkness vs Light

Body consciousness vs soul consciousness.

Your choice.



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[may I suggest you print this post and other similar information for prosperity]

[42 Freeman Street] 

Common Law Land

Magna Carta County

Near [Postal code]



666 Traitor’s Gate,

Sell Out Road,

Fleet County,

ME66 6ME


Your Ref: ‘Mr. J. Blogs

Certificate of Postage: 763 J 6532  

25 April 2013


Notice of Return of Unrecognised Paperwork

Dear Pretend Bailiffs & Co

A letter found dated 23 April 2013 which has come to my attention today is returned for the reasons which follow:

  1. The Title ‘Mr J. Blogs’ is not me.
  2. The letter is not signed, therefore could be fraudulent.
  3. There is no contract with ‘Pretend Bailiffs & Co
  4. The content of the letter is not recognised

Please update your records.

Thank you.


By:  signed [sample] 

All rights Reserved

Encl: Your original paperwork.


It is the responsibility of the agent in receipt of this letter to recognise that they act for and on behalf of the company and to ensure that all offices, officers and employees are informed of its content. All responses must be verified by the inclusion of a signature by human hand supported by a name or may be returned marked as unacceptable.

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