Food poisoned


Good food which has been tainted with just a drop of poison, ends up being poisonous food.

Likewise, we have to be mindful of what influences we allow to poison our mind.”

~ Digger

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  1. russ hook

     /  May 14, 2013

    Hi Digger! I missed you honey! LMAO Good timing as great alleged minds think alike? I just sent this off not 2 mins ago to my email list! (READ LAST SENTENCE) As you know I am a long time veggie, now vegan/RAW. MIKE ADAMS HAS SOME GOOD STUFF, but he now sits in for Alex Jones on Prison Planet, and anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knows AJ is a LYING FAT SACK OF DOODOO! (=

    Mikey(Mike Adams) is now pushing sardines (DEAD FISH) as a healthy food? It’s not too healthy for the fish is it??? But we aren’t supposed to think or talk about that are we? It makes some POS uncomfortable…..I read somewhere, BEWARE of ‘leaders’ talking 90% truth mixed with 10% LIES.

  2. anon

     /  June 10, 2013

    Some years back, I was trying to lead a spiritual life and I kept coming up to being vegetarian, and faltered; so I went to see a freind of mine who was chief dietician at the london hospital, and what she did not know wasn’t worth knowing. She said you will be healthier (I have been vegetarian for years).

    Not totally convinced I went to see a dental hygenist who said meat eaters have thicker saliva which does not clean between the teeth and gums as vegetarians do, and on becoming a veggie 35 years ago my health improved dramatically.
    No one can claim to be spiritual and be part of the killing industry – please think about it.

  3. anon

     /  June 10, 2013

    Ireland has not contributed anywhere near the amount that anglo-saxons have to the world but one man George Bernard shaw was the exception; although shown to be a bit of a fool with his beliefe that Stalin was a good guy, he wrote an astonishing 60 plays, he once said “I did not belome a vegetarian for my health, but for the health of my beautiful chickens”


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