No Excuse!


not now

you’ve had endless opportunities

it’s you’re choice to be ignorant

willfully ignorant

just a choice

stop pretending

pretending you don’t know

that you haven’t heard

you’re only lying to yourself

you’re sitting there day after day with access to Truth

you’ve had umpteen chances to work it out

friends, family, work colleagues, total strangers have provided plenty of opportunities for you to access the Truth

but your comfortableness comes first – every time

selfishness prevails – each time

day in day out the politician/media alliance lies to you

yet you STILL choose to absorb and regurgitate their spin

for this level of stupidity

there is no excuse

for this level of willful ignorance

there is no excuse

for this level of selfishness 

there is no excuse

but you will pay for this choice

your comforts will soon diminish

comeuppance will come to you

that karmic boomerang will clout you when you are not expecting it

coz it will soon be your turn 

this time your children will be the ones who are the amputees

will you care then?

yea for sure

because this time

this time, things will be different

somehow more important

sorry for being harsh with you

but our levels of understanding with you idiots is now depleted

no longer can we be tolerant with your lifestyle choice

after all – you are dangerous

dangerous to society

your ignorance is antisocial behaviour 

your selfishness is literally killing us

your compliance, your acquiescence to tyranny is exhausting

it’s not a case of when

when are you going to wake up?

but what is it going to take for you to wake up

how far? 

to what level do you have to be bullied before you say “NO”?

we want to know

you selfish sleepy fools

you are your own worst enemy

you grown up selfish children

we’ve had enough of your apathy



at this stage of the game, there simply is  




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  1. Holocaustralian

     /  May 6, 2013

    And in my own personal experience, these type of people are the only ones i know. Sure there are one or two that are capable of a shallow conversation on the banks and 9/11, but the minute i bring the j or z word into proceedings i can almost see Pavlovs bell ringing in their psyche.
    If i hear “poor persecuted minority” one more time from these living dead i may just lose it, and in my weaker moments, i hope these soul destroying creatures get everything their ignorant dumbfuckery deserves.


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