The FBI Files


A far as I can see it, there are four destructive elements which are behind ALL of the carnage we see in our world. 

These elements being:





They affect other elements such as:

  • greed
  • false identity
  • lust
  • desire
  • impatience
  • jealousy
  • revenge
  • anger
  • hate


But I would strongly suggest SEAS are the core elements which are behind these.

And fear-based insecurity is behind the lot. What I’ve called the FBI. So we can now blame everything in our lives on the FBI 🙂


For the sake of this exercise/essay I have divided society into four groups of people:

(i) Jewish Orchestrators

(ii) Double Traitors

(iii) Bystanders


(iv) Those that simply will not put up with this nonsense



I will address this SEAS/FBI topic with the first three groups of people

Jewish Orchestrators 

The criminal Jews, the Zionist Elite Organized Supremacist (ZEOS) Jews. Not only those who are not only deliberately orchestrating this whole demonic destruction of our planet, but also those Jews who passively go along with this agenda – just going about their Jewish ways.

Selfishness: Completely selfish. Their whole agenda is selfishly driven. They want this and they want that. They want to usurp the world for their own means. Pure unadulterated selfishness. And that is why they never make compromises – they always have to have their way; always.

Ego: Linked in with selfishness. Me me me. They are full of prestige and self-glorification. Total and utter megalomaniacs (delusions of their own self importance). Their precious pride can be so easily hurt.

Attachment: Mine/ours. I/we want. I/we have to have. I/we have to own. We must usurp. We desperately need to own everybody as our slaves and own the whole world. Fear of loss. People can not take our possessions away from us. They cannot take our identity, our traditions no matter evil we are.

Separatism: No group of peoples could want to be more separate than these Jews. They love to ghettoize themselves. They are better beings and we are mere goyim cattle.

In a nutshellentrenched in fear-based insecurities



Double Traitors

The Shabbas Goyim. Anyone who is not making a stand against this tyranny is a traitor, but these people in this category are traitor traitors. They have consciously chosen to assist the beast. They have chosen to sell their souls. They have chosen to override their conscience for transient Pavlovian rewards. And ultimately they have chosen not to critically think.

The police, social workers, council officials, military personnel, white coats, parking attendants, those working in media, debt collectors masquerading as bailiffs, mad scientists and on and on we could go.

All of them – traitors to humanity. Traitors to their country. Traitors to their ancestors. Traitors to their family. Traitors to themselves. Traitors to The Divine Creator.

All the criminal Jews have done is manipulated these negative traits (SEAS). It’s that simple. These double traitors are just watered-down criminal Jews. This cannot be denied. Just look at their behavior. They are assisting the mass murder and enslavement of us all and ultimately the  complete destruction of the planet. Therefore they are the ones acting in an anti-social behaviour.


Selfishness: None of them are working vocationally despite their social image. They are only out for their own self interests. Me me me at every level. Predominantly mammon, perks and social status.

Ego: Many of these people care only about their precious kudos. Their image and how others see them; be it people they know, or total strangers. Also their ego benefits from what their Pavlovian rewards give them. The nice car, the nice house in a nice neighbourhood and all the entrapments which their sell out role entails. All helping to stroke their egos. Proudly announcing their title in public ….”Yes, I am a ……….you know”. Proudly parading around in their silly costumes and with their silly badges. Sad individuals.

Attachment: My job, my career, my profession, my organisation, my identity. Fear of loss. I will not have anyone knock what I do. My whole identity is hinged on my title, this role I chose in life. I will not have anyone take this title away from me. 

Separatism: Them and us mentality. This is super prominent in the police FORCE. They are trained to be almost paranoid of the public. Always sniffing for ways to fine us, incarcerate us and trap us into their unlawful contracts. But it is present in many roles of these double traitors. Just look how the military are prepped (mind controlled) into thinking innocent people are their enemy. And they allow themselves to fall for this. Always them and us.

In a nutshellentrenched in fear-based insecurities




Those that can see what is going on at any level, but have chosen a go along to get along attitude to life and remain passive. It doesn’t really matter if they are so-called awake or not, because everyone at this stage knows our governments and the system is corrupt. There is no excuse whatsoever for choosing to be ignorant – willful ignorance. There is no excuse for not making a stand at this stage.


Selfishness: Me me me attitude to life. What about MY interests. I ought to protect MY arse first – by doing nothing. 

I’ll just carry on with my hobbies and see how things pan out. I like my comfort too much to rock the the boat. 

Ego: My career comes first. I’ve worked my way up to be a manager and that’s what’s important in my life. I have to knuckle down and be a good slave for the system, so as to have nice things around me to make me feel important and give my life worth. 

Attachment: All these things are mine. I don’t want to upset the government or I may lose all my nice things. That is my house, my car, my career, and my family comes first. I don’t want to lose my comforts. 

Separatism: We are very different to those people who we are bombing in those other countries. Them and us mindset again. It’s kind of not important to the bystanders that others around the world are suffering, because they are totally separate to these people. They even see themselves separate from their fellow countrymen and neighbours; therefore they do NOTHING to prevent their suffering.

In a nutshellentrenched in fear-based insecurities



All these people who adhere to SEAS/FBI become habitualised by these negative traits. These SEAS/FBI are so powerful they eventually become part of their persona, who they are and their identity. These negative traits become so dominant in their lives, that they are unable to override any potential for positive traits – towards total strangers and those not of their ilk. All these people are loaded with cognitive dissonance.

These three groups of people are fooling themselves that materialism and/or status will give them security. This is the age-old illusion. A global trap, almost all of humanity has fallen for hook line and sinker.

They are then unable to resonate with elements such as –

compassion, empathy, kindness and altruism towards people who challenge their SEAS.



But these SEAS/FBI are not natural. They are learned responses and encouraged through generational mind control. Self-imposed mind control and imposed mind control. Just how things are, so to speak. Habit, tradition and a demonic agenda thrown on top.

The only way we are going to sort this mass mind control out, is for enough of us to wise up to levels of consciousness. This is the only way we can address these deep-rooted fear-based insecurities.


The only real security we can ever have in our lives, is by taping in to the real Self within; to connect up to the main grid – to the Divine Creator.


I know without a doubt that the only way we can bring about individual and collective consciousness is through true spiritual practices.


Suggested five spiritual practices

1/. Spiritual meditation and/or prayer

2/. Private spiritual reading

Reading the true scriptures to oneself. Avoiding new age junk spirituality.

3/. Cleaning up – on every level. Foods, imagery, etc.

4/. Adherence to spiritual values (i.e serving/defending others)

5/. Spiritual companionship

To avoid infiltration – do not advertise your group! Keep your meet ups low key private gatherings. It must only be quiet word of mouth within close ‘trusted’ long-term friends and family. The people must either be Jew-wise and/or at least aware of the agenda. No more than a dozen people at each gathering is best. The purpose of these groups are for spiritual reading, meditation/prayer and general support at every level.

Essay by Digger


“We have to step it up and yield to what consciousness is calling each of us to do. A purely inspired and motivated heart will always find the way.”

~ quote by Zen Gardener


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  1. Reblogged this on Lolathecur's Blog.

  2. Thank you digger. I have always said on these topics which should not be ignored “if you are not part of the solution, you ARE part of the problem”

    • Thank you L,

      Thank you too for reblogging. I know my words seem sharp. But we have talk in this type of language now, as things are so desperately serious. As you well know, this is not a hobby/interest.

      Thank you for contributing.

  3. frederickrhodes

     /  May 2, 2013

    Most excellent analogy @Digger, as it is right inline with my own.The SEAS/FBI originated from the singular false superstitious belief in a false singular masculine deity, aka the heavenly godfather’s penis of creation science fiction theory, JehovAllahYahweh, which falsely assumes/states man was created before woman was made. The double traitors would be the Kabballah witches (like the benegeserit nuns/witches in the movie ~DUNE~) posing as Jewesses, Christians, and Muslims. The FBI would be thePTSD from violent infant prepuce excision ritual (VIPER) causing reproductive brain chemistry malfunctions/brain damage. The real sciences and Cosmic Evolution is the new scientific theory/deffinition of creation/god and therefor the cure to break the coven’s covenant curses. The Entire Spirit of every living human organism flowing across the face of our living host planet Earth has replaced the misconception of the holyspirit of god.

  4. Ingrid B

     /  May 2, 2013

    those who allow themselves to be ruled by fear, and or insecurity, are those who have something to lose, the day will probably come when they no longer have anything of value, but by then it may be too late..

  5. Wally D.

     /  May 2, 2013

    Those who have chosen to aid God’s Self-Chosen in the hopes of catching whatever morsels fall off the table are the worst of the whole bunch.

  6. abdul

     /  May 4, 2013

    All you sincere seekers of truth must take yourself to next level and discover the ultimate truth of Islam. Read the Qur`an.

    • But Abdul, as much as we appreciate your contribution And all due respect to Islam and the holy Quran, but…..can you not see a Christian would say the same, a Hindu would say the same, a Jain would say the same, and on and on we could go. All you are doing is promoting your box. This is not true spirituality – and this is certainly not consciousness.

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