The demons are amongst us


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  1. BMan

     /  April 29, 2013

    What sort of deranged animal could do this?

    • That was a rhetorical comment of course Buelahman

      • russ hook

         /  May 1, 2013

        It’s not ‘rhetorical’ at all Digger. It’s the product of years of brainwashing, and INSENSITIVITY to the TRILLIONS of animals SLAUGHTERED every year for selfish POS to crunch on. This is ‘NORMAL’ behavior now, and those who know better will be chastized by the toxic 2-legged drones. How many here criticizing this POS ‘doctor’ killing a helpless baby, yet do the EXACT SAME to our animal friends 24/7??? You hypocrites should just STFU and go for a DEAD ANIMAL lunch like this doctor does after killing 2-legged ‘animals’.

  2. The barbarism of life today is really too much to take. This poor little baby, this innocent, trusting soul… My God!! Yet, the authorities let this go on for years, refusing to inspect abortion clinics because that would be politically incorrect, it would put an unwanted barrier between a woman and her abortion. God forbid! What disgusts me is birth control is readily available yet people are too lazy, too lustful, and too involved with instant gratification to go get some damn birth control. They’d rather get the abortion later as if the abortion is nothing more than getting a mole removed.

    • Wow – so true Patty! “instant gratification” so apt.

      Please see my reply to WW

  3. Rick

     /  April 30, 2013

    As much as it’s going to suck to have tribulations on Earth, thankfully this will not happen anymore afterwards.

  4. Whitewraithe

     /  April 30, 2013

    That took my breath away!

    I can be brutal when it comes to the retaliation I would inflict upon a person such as this heinous doctor if I had the power. I would hang, draw and quarter the bastard in a heartbeat.

    How this monster could live in society for so long with no one realizing the murders he was committing on a weekly basis is astonishing. That really does prove to me, at least, no one is paying any attention to anything in our sick, perverted culture of the self.

    • Yes WW, we hear your passion – your utter disgust. Of course s/he would qualify her/his murder with just doing me job.

      Just another cog in the medical murder machine.

      To think WW, immediately after doing this s/he will nip out to lunch and have a good old hearty laugh over a nice glass of wine, with her/his equally heinous colleagues and think nothing of it. S/he probably even thinks about the lunch they intend to have whilst s/he’s doing her/his deadly snip. Disgusting.

      And what makes it so abhorrent is society highly rewards these monsters. Society respects and looks up to these people, because they speak nicely and dress nicely. Yet many people in society will looks down on a hard-working laborer or tradesman who is a bit scruffy and has paint stains on their clothes.

      The world is insane. Everything is upside down.

      Thank you again for contributing. Thank you also for your great work.

  1. The demons are amongst us
  2. Forbidden News » The demons are amongst us

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