In the mean time


whilst your too busy playing with your selfish hobbies

I just need to remind you

your country is being systematically destroyed

and while you’re caught up in selfishly trying to make mammon – more mammon

there are criminal demonic Jews who are aiming to kill your children

and while you are busying yourself selfishly making your garden nice and pretty

laws are being set in place to destroy you, by people who have usurped your country

whilst you are faffing about getting ready for your holiday

you and everyone you know are being deliberately poisoned by demonic psychopaths 

and whilst you are engaging all your time in your local charity

in the mean time plans are being made to take us all into a WW3

and whilst you are selfishly engrossed in your studies and endless courses

people around you are being systematically murdered by judaic tyrants 

and whilst you are happy being selfishly entertained

your culture is being destroyed in real time

and while you are obsessively doing your selfish DIY 

a tyrannical judaic government is seeping its way into your life

and whilst you selfishly browse the net for your never-ending Truth fix – and do nothing about it

your society and everything you stand for is crumbling around you


distraction distraction distraction

selfishness selfishness selfishness


when are you going to become defiant?

at what point?

when are you going to say enough is enough?


when is it going to dawn on you the utter seriousness of the situation we are in?

when are you going to stand up for yourself and those you love?

when are you going to care about others around the world who are being suppressed?

at what point are you going to stop them bullying you?



at what point are you going to have some self worth?



at what point are you going to snap out of your selfishness?



at what point will you finally face your fear?



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