If I were you ….

Is that your new baby? Arrrhh – isn’t she lovely.

If I were you …. 

I’d get her registered as soon as possible. Then she’ll have a slave number and you’ll be able to metaphorically hand her over to the state. So they own her, even though you get to keep her.

Then give her immune system a good hammering with multi-vaccines.

Then feed her with artificial fortified milk powder – make sure you microwave it first. Don’t bother with all that breast feeding, that’s not natural these days.

Then take her swimming to dip her in the chlorinated swimming baths, to get some toxins into her system.

I’d also bath her in those toxic soaps and shampoos and use toxic sun lotions and conditioners which you buy in the Jewish-owned supermarkets.

Then when she’s a bit older, take her to a government pre-school center to begin her indoctrination into the judaified system. There she can get used to having tests, kinda like mini exams. These should induce unnatural stress in her and prep her for doing homework and generally conforming into society’s ways.

Then start to feed her on solid microwaved foods – you know those new ping foods – they’re ever so easy. Save you so much time.

And give her toxic junk food and plastic material possessions which desperately poor work slaves in other countries have produced just to survive. These Pavlovian rewards will condition her to do things for selfish materialistic gain. And it’s best to punish her by not giving her these material things when she’s naughty.

I’d just plonk her in front of the goggle box (TV) to keep her quiet, when you’re too busy for her loving needs. Or just buy her one of those electronic tablets she can play on, that’ll get her used to technology and being programmed. She could even learn gaming that way.

Try not to do all that old-fashioned parental bonding stuff. They say it’s not progressive.

As soon as you can, you wana get her off to the dentist to have some fillings. Make sure she has those amalgam ones – because it’s good to have mercury in children’s heads. Hopefully in her teens when her teeth rot, she can then have  root fillings and filled with more of that lead stuff. That’ll do her good.

And with any illnesses – whizz her straight up to those white coats. Get her on medication as soon as you can. That’ll train her that she always has to give her empowerment away, to experts who are better than her and that she can never heal herself. She has simply got to learn the hard way that one must never get to the root cause of any illness, always always suppress symptoms. And have unconditional trust in the medical mafia.

Then you want to get her off to primary school to continue her conditioning. More tests, gradings, exams and conformity. Just dump her there in the mornings, whilst you go off and work for mammon. There she will become infected by all the other polluted minds and indoctrination, therefore thinking this is all perfectly normal.

It’s important you trust in these people that they will form her embryonic mind. Trust your government. Trust the system.

Let the school feed her too – it’s proper junk food. Don’t worry about the ingredients as long as it looks tasty, she likes it and it fills her up.

And she needs to get lots of homework too. That’ll help mould her mind further. Stop her from any of that critical thinking business. Be careful if she starts being too creative. You want to try and let her left brain become more dominant.

Now, it’s essential she starts to learn all about the holocaust as soon as possible. She needs to feel guilty about how her filthy anti-semitic ancestors participated in the genocide of all those poor victim Jews.

She also should begin to start the guilt process of all those African slaves which her racist ancestors were part off creating.

Hopefully the school will train her that there are always going to be better people in her life – much better than her. She needs to know that these better people have implied authority over her. Special people who work for the government, who wear uniforms and have titles. She needs to know her place in life.

She also should feel quite guilty for living too! It should be drummed into her that there is just too many people on this planet. Far too many. And she is contributing to all that global warming – or is it cooling now?? Whatever; she should feel guilty anyway.

She also has to become competitive. She has got to learn the fundamentals of treading on others in life to get her way. The only way to survive in this world is to be predator like – totally selfish and f**k over others to get up the social ladder.

Hopefully she should also learn all about how different she is to others. Separatism has to become part of her psyche. Body consciousness should be driven hard into her mindset. That she is not a soul. And all that God business is just old hat now, because these days we have modern progressive science to answer everything and fix everything.

She should learn that Atheistianity, Scienceianity and Holocaustianity are the three new compatible religions these days.

She ought to learn too that it’s normal and quite trendy for all sorts of sexual relationships. Same sex marriages, transgenderism, etc. This is just progressive thinking and anything goes these days – it’s all perfectly normal.

Just keep that homework coming in. Lots of exams on these subjects is what she needs. It’s essential she feels guilty and stressed. And it’s crucial she doesn’t think for herself.

Then she can go on to secondary school where she really can get into the system. More tests, more exams. Lots of gradings, lots of unnecessary unnatural stress. As much left brain data as possible. And as far away from her natural dynamic spirit as you can get her.

You see high school is where she can really get to know all the details about the holocaust – and feel very guilty about it. In fact the school probably will arrange a school guilt trip to Auschwitz death camp, which you will have to pay for. It doesn’t matter that there weren’t death camps; all that matters is she learns what her ancestors supposedly got up to. So that it never ever happens again.

Keep intermittently visiting the white coats for jabs and mercury fillings as she gets older.

Plus more school denatured meals, junk food and ping foods in the evening, because you’ll be too busy or stressed out from slaving for judaic usury.

Then she can do after school activities such as gaming and facebook type activities. It’s doesn’t really matter if she looks at a bit of pornography and violent imagery online – that is just a normal part of growing up – natural.

But the main purpose of school is so she can get qualifications. Qualifications which will take her into further indoctrination. Hopefully by then any critical thinking will be knocked out of her and she’ll be semi-lobotomized.

I’d advise you as soon as possible to get her into college or university. You don’t want much time gaps between the indoctrination stages, in case she starts to work things out. Her head must be jam-packed with utter nonsense.

Then she can begin to really up her programming through further tests, exams and more gradings.

Stress must be part of her life now; always present in the background, which she has to continually try to suppress through materialistic gain and sense gratification.

The good thing is now she can start to qualify in holocaustology, or global warming theories, or even meaningless twaddle qualifications such as media studies. Any social engineering really which either serves the system, or wastes her time and gives her false hope, which she will have to get into debt for and never really be able to pay off. Giving her more stress.

She will ‘naturally’ start to become sexed-up at this stage, due to all the judaic social engineering and quite open with her sexuality. Which needs encouraging by the way. It’s just her way of expressing her freedom and individuality. The contraceptive pill should be automatically issued at this stage.

The doctors should also be issuing her with a cervical cancer vaccine.

She’ll soon cotton on that none of her indoctrination has been to serve her, but just to suit the judaic system. And then hopefully she’ll feel inadequate, insecure, disempowered, unengaged, useless, an insignificant cog in the system and generally a used goy slave.

Then she can either go on the dole or sell her soul by serving the criminal Jews in any government position, or become a repeater teacher herself. Perhaps even go off to kill and maim, and get killed and get maimed for a kosher war.


Anyway; that’s what I’d do – if I were you



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No Kidding


Everyone knows that!


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  1. russ hook

     /  April 27, 2013

    BRILLIANT Digger!!! And these CONditioned/engineered clueless DOLTS all have ‘opinions’ about their INDOCTRINATIONS, and want everyone to know just how ‘smart’ they are!!! Joutube, and Fukbook is infested with them!

    Graduation means to increment or retard progress.“The true meaning of Graduation is gradual indoctrination.”

  2. russ hook

     /  April 28, 2013

    Yer welcome. It’s good to see you use the word INTUITION. It is a DIVINE link to the CREATOR which is always 100% accurate. As opposed to just re-iterating what has been sodomized into the fluoridated brain.

  3. freedomveg

     /  September 14, 2014

    wow just wow!!!!

  4. freedomveg

     /  September 14, 2014

    Reblogged this on freedomveg and commented:
    carefull only 4 folks who can overstand irony If I were you …. http://wp.me/p26HhL-1xN via @wordpressdotcom

  5. freedomveg

     /  April 28, 2015

    thank you so much


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