High price for cheap trainers



Reports of well over 300 people have died in this horrendous incident in this Bangladeshi factory.

What for? So we can have cheap fashion trainers? These people who operate this factory were obviously liable, but so are we. We must be mindful (conscious) of what we consume – what we buy, what we eat, etc.

Try my friends to buy in charity/2nd hand shops, whenever you can. This horrific incident is a classic case of demand and supply. We westerners played our roles in these poor people’s lives.

God rest their souls and compassion to the families of their lost ones.


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  1. anon

     /  April 28, 2013

    Some years back I recieved a pamphlet through the mail from Royal Mail saying they were in financial trouble and could British industry support them more. I asked why?, when they did not support British industry and bought all their uniforms, bicycles, in fact everything from third world sweatshops. Their footwear was being made by 6 year old children. I was told that any Royal Mail workers who mentioned this, would be breaking the official secrets act and prosecuted and sacked under drummed-up charges.

  2. russ hook

     /  April 28, 2013

    Trainers, I ASSume L0L are sneakers, running shoes? India was supposedly the richest country on Earth til the Jews got a hold on it.

  1. High price for cheap trainers

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