America’s Hangover

Hungover man sleeping at office desk: Hangover cures: from pickled eyeballs to citrus armpits



the party’s over


didn’t you just have some fun


just look at the mess you’ve made


times were good – good for you anyway


lots of laughing


lots of food


lots of production


lots of everything


the best


the biggest


at the expense of others


those were the good times


but now …….





now it’s the next day


America’s woken up with a sore head


from it’s American dream


what happened there?


that was manic


truly insane


boy did you indulge


more and more and more


ever so comfortable


but never enough


but now your hurting


the hangover is kicking in


reality is at your doorstep


abundance no more


the reality that there are others in the world


other lives


other languages


other cultures




just perhaps




may not necessarily be the best county in the world


happy hangover America



God bless America




Additional note: also in many westernised countries

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  1. Dante Ardenz

     /  April 27, 2013

    The US had its merits particularly between 1865,and 1914. the Rothchilds were beaten off in the Civil War,and the country was areal Republic. The last great hop on earth,as Lincoln put it. Germany under Bismark did the same after 1870. But that changed when the Jews,got control with the Federal Reserve in 1913. Wars that killed millions,wrecked the West,and brought instability across the globe came next….The US is a junk house for the Jews. Its primary role is feeding,and serving them. Every man,man women and child their slave…… The dummies who shout USA 1 USA ! mentality so lowered by the culture,they love the slop!

  2. no country could be more immoral than the USA ~ just for delivering Atomic bombs & Napalm, we’ve reached the bottom, Bottom of Hell.

    • Unfortunately – but I must insist/admit. Us Brits are no angels – just look at our history. We are not better now.

  3. Tom Shaver

     /  April 27, 2013

    Once humanity is able to raise its’ consciousness to the level of realization of reality, war will be a thing of the past. We all have emerged from the same source. We who are products of evolution and those that were created are all offspring of the ONE. Our time in the manifested world is but a moment in eternity. Be aware that this earthly experience is but a learning time for us. It is not a time to be seduced by the phantasmagoria presented before you. Once you learn what is real, nothing else matters anymore.

  4. Yukon

     /  April 27, 2013

    Nice and simple. Time to watch this film:

    • Welcome to DFT Yukon,

      Thanks and thanks for link. Will check it out at some point.


  5. Ingrid B

     /  April 28, 2013

    If only the Americans realized, their country is in the grip of aliens, who care nothing for them, or their country, other than what they can squeeze out of them, once that is accomplished, the aliens will toss them aside..

  6. Miss March

     /  May 28, 2013

    We Americans had a promising start but the wily ones figured out how to pollute good intentions and turn them into bad. My ancestors worked hard and feared wronging others. The JWO has played us like a fiddle and I fear we may never recover because we have, as a country given others in the world so many reasons to hate us and our JWO actions. Our biggest problem is fear. We just don’t realize that the illusion of freedom we fear losing is just that…smoke and mirrors. By letting go of everything we think we are…the American dream we will be free.
    But asking my fellow citizens to believe that everything they think they know is a manipulation…that’s a tall order. Even my own family thinks I am nuts and only want to peck away at the symptoms of our disease. But we know SOMETHING is not right. We are hollow and unfulfilled, sad and restless, fat and starving. I cry for my Native brothers and how they are even more decimated now than 100 years ago.
    I have figured out how to make a difference and so the journey begins. I have to remember that waking up from this dream/nightmare is like waking up from anesthesia, violent and disorienting.
    Thank you,Digger, for sharing your thoughts and reminding us that we are not alone.

    • Thank you Miss March for sharing your thoughts. Yes indeed – we are all in fear. A false fear.

      Thank you again for contributing.

  7. Miss March

     /  May 28, 2013

    In response to Ingrid, I agree. It feels like auditions are being carried out for the next super country and we will be on the receiving end. But by we I don’t mean the American arm of the JWO or their minor henchmen, I mean us. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be better than living in this comfortable illusion. At least we would know we were oppressed.

  1. America’s Hangover | The Ugly Truth

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