Traitors vs Truth


For once the police acted honorable. Fair play to this sergeant ….wisdom prevailed. Although he was wrong when he said “Our job is to keep the peace” Ha – if only.

Their job is to support the real criminals.

Just look at these high paid bully bailiffs. They are nothing more than predators. Shabbas goyim. Unlawful Debt Collectors masquerading as bailiffs.

One of them bragging about owning three properties in Spain; as if that justifies his corruption. Mammon overrides his morals and any scraps of compassion he may have had. With that stupid woman next to him coming out with that classic line “It’s only a job we’re doing”.

And just look at that Paul Higgs the traitor debt collector. Barging his way into that guy’s property…..thinking he has authority over these people. Telling the home owners they are trespassing. Couldn’t you just ……….

These people’s whole ‘careers’ are built on fraud and installing fear. And that fat skinhead idiot in the white top grinning whilst people are getting their home stolen. It’ll happen to him one day. To all of them. I’m so glad the Freeman asked them “What are you laughing at?”


I could go on all day about this clip. There is so much there to analyze. There is so much going on here at every level.

Anyone new to this topic; this area is called ‘Freeman-on-the-Land’. Here is some information on this important area of the Truth movement:


As I’ve pointed out many times before. The two important reasons why I like the freeman principles are:

1/. It engages people to do something. To become proactive.

2/. It de-programmes people into realizing that there is nobody on this planet who has authority over us – unless we consent to them having authority over us.


Respect to that Freeman; he kept his cool and stood by the Truth. To think this Freeman was doing this for altruistic reason, as it wasn’t his house. He was taking personal risks on behalf of the Bird family. What a hero. Serving others. This man needs a medal.

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  1. A joy to watch that, real guts to stand up to those mindless thugs.

    • Yes guts, plus the power of knowledge and knowing you have Truth and the real law on your side.

  2. Egeria

     /  April 27, 2013

    Wow Wow Wow Digger … this video moved me to tears of joy at the end.

    I remember very well last year Press-TV’s correspondent in London, Narghess Moballeghi, reporting systematically on these cases, including the Bird case.
    I think the ‘Freeman’ action is scoring huge success there.
    I loved it when the Freeman said “I am in with the Law – you are abusing it !
    I loved that Afro-British constable … great job !!!
    And I very much loved the comment you wrote under the Freeman video, especially the points 1/. and 2/. you make in the end.
    Kudos to the Freeman !
    Kudos to Digger !

    • Thank you Egeria,

      Yes the Freeman movement is making waves. It is also bringing new people into the whole conspiracy/agenda. People who wouldn’t ordinarily come into it.

      The sergeant was Asian I believe. Yes, it was so appropriate, especially when these predator thugs (debt collectors) were probably racists. Perhaps they were not, but my intuition tells me so.

      Power to the people indeed.

      Thank you again Lady E for your fine contribution


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