it is our choice

Jews taunt woman


“Just as the jews believe they are chosen – to behave as the very devil, we own this exact opposite belief – we have not chosen to be ruled by them, we do not choose to be their slaves, we do not choose to be in debt to them, we do not choose to be exploited or murdered by them. We choose our own lives, to live as we want to, we choose pure earth and pure water. We choose our natural climate and seasons. We choose our own sets of morals, we choose to live where we want and procreate how we want to. There are many more of us and we choose to rebel against your false rules. You can never control all of us and it is our choice.”

~ Spicegirl

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  1. Thank you Digger, I appreciate you posting this. We have to persuade as many people as we can to change their mindset of being a victim – “You will do what you are told – or suffer ‘their’ consequences”. We don’t need them and we can look after ourselves.

  2. I’ve just read the summary of a legal trust case called; Re Tuck’s Settlement Trusts 1978, in this case in order to satisfy the trust the beneficiary must fulfil the following condition; “to be an “approved wife of Jewish blood by one or both of her parents”, which is a valid condition for trust purposes if it could be ascertained by the Chief Rabbi.

    Now substitute the word ‘Jewish’ for ‘Aryan’ or even Celtic & ‘Rabbi’ for Ober Fuhrer & you would get arrested before the ink was dry not cited as legal authority.

  3. anon

     /  April 26, 2013

    this victim mentality of christians has been craftily inserted by jews over centuries
    christianity did not begin until 400 years after christ, and they put their book the old testament in with it first, why ? its nothing to do with christianity, they then said the romans killed christ when we know it was the jews that did it. this bit that when attacked dont defend yourself just turn the other cheek is pure bullshit and did you know that when new archeological finds turn up in the holy land the jews take it from them to be scrutinised, sometimes these are altered to be more ” jew freindly” if they are not jew freidnly they are destroyed, they even fake up stone carvings of early christianity remember christ warned us to ” beware the jew ” and not once, beware the muslim
    think on that

  4. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  April 26, 2013

    As it has been said may times; only with the consent of the governed, does any form of Government have any rule.

  5. We have an opportunity to help a Gentile in need, right here and now, and his name is Arthur Topham from Canada. Please go to his website, On the right, under Recent Posts, read Legal Update #11 which summarizes his recent court hearing and his continued need for legal funds. The Jews are persecuting him with the usual charge “incitement of hatred for the Jews” blah, blah, blah. He currently does not have a lawyer since the saintly Doug Christie passed away in March and Canada refuses to provide him with a Legal Aid attorney.

    Digger, you might want to post his Legal Update on your website to further get the word out, far and wide, that a comrade needs our financial help. We need to keep his name and story out there lest people forget about his current plight.

  1. To jest nasz wybór | Polska Walcząca & Stop Syjonizmowi

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