The Assignment



it’s our mission


our life objective


we have a job to do


our spiritual task


it’s called the assignment


we all have been given a chance


an opportunity


to sort this mess out


that’s in fact why we’re here


to get this job done


it’s our assignment


no more hanging around playing


selfishly playing


we have a task to do


to clean up this world


face evil head on


to get good with God


no more the passive observer


no more we’ll just see how things pan out


we have an assignment to do


it doesn’t matter how difficult it is


it doesn’t matter what obstacles we face


we have to overcome


we have to get this job done


we don’t have time to faff about neither


let’s get stuck in


there is nothing more important now at this stage


we’ve got to get too busy for any other trivia


because right now



we have to focus on our assignment



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