dangerous entertainment

you just remain anesthetized 

there’s no need for you to think

just keep playing the passive role

allow us to do the real thinking for you

let us dazzle you with our extravaganza 

not so innocuous entertainment 


you just remain conditioned

just absorb and repeat

you the receptive participant 

repeat repeat repeat

let us titillate you with our performance

not so innocuous entertainment 



you just remain programmed

allow our messages to sneak in

subliminals – predictive programming – perception

that’s all that’s needed

layer by thin layer

let us provide your recreation

not so innocuous entertainment 



you just remain stupefied 

vacuous game shows, asinine sports, nonsensical soaps

the toxic comedy, boneheaded documentaries

how about nature nature nature

many choices of the same ol trick

every one has a hook

let us amuse you with our diversion

not so innocuous entertainment 



you just remain propagandized

we make the sounds, we make the noises

we make your thoughts

be the happy slave 

consume – slave – obey

let us fool you with our leisure

not so innocuous entertainment 



you just remain judaified 

remember – you have to pay for our talmudviZION

remember – you have to pay for our tel-LIE-vision

remember – you have to pay for our Tele-Aviv-ision 

you pay in every way

let us train you with our weapon of mass perception

not so innocuous entertainment



you just remain pacified

you actually think you’re thinking for yourself

you think you’re forming your own ideas

you think you can critically think

never an independent thought

with your regurgitating groupthink

let us form your outlook on life with our illusion 

not so innocuous entertainment 



you just remain comatised

 that’s it, laugh your way to your destruction

that’s it, chuckle your way into your enslavement

that’s it, giggle your way into your demise 

ha ha ha

he he he

as if it wasn’t so serious

let us mould you into our perfect goy 

not so innocuous entertainment



our one-eyed beast in your living room, our cinemas, our west end shows, our hired films and our lethal gaming

it turns out, have not been so friendly after all



you fools – you myopic fools

slight of hand works every time

we the kings of deception

we worked our magic on you

so easy

now you’re asleep – complicit – damaged

now you’re ours



not so innocuous entertainment




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  1. It has only taken just a few decades to bring the sheepy goy to this state. The judaic hypnotic control is so successful, such a huge industry, such billions to be made from us all, we have handed that prize to them on a plate. Our controllers congratulate themselves – it has all been too easy – we fell for every trick they played on us.


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