Now that’s what you call an isolationist

תמונת הכהן שעוררה את הסערה: "סא"ל במיל' בחיל האוויר" (צילום: מתוך ניו יורק דיילי ניוז)


Jew in a Bag

I can hear Mark Glenn’s voice as I post this article “COULD YOU JUST IMAGINE”. But we just have to pose this statement. Had that been a Muslim on a flight; there would have been high level security. Well he just wouldn’t have even got on the flight like this.

The kosher papers would have labeled him the plastic bag bomber or something ridiculous. This is not to mention the disgusting supremacy of this man.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Ohh if it wasn’t so serious.

And to think these people are running our world!!


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  1. I thought they ……

    Very funny :-), but just can’t ‘approve’ Histoika



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