you just can’t help yourselves


your conditioning is too deep


entrenched in your betterness – chosen, above and superior


you’re almost unapproachable with your goy supremacy


driven – focused MO – destructive objective


you can’t do otherwise


to usurp, rape and pillage 


your nature nurture mix


from those early days, you knew you were different


and you were right


that your G-d was different from our God


you knew and know now, who you are serving


you’ve heard of the odd renegade member, who’ve turned their backs on the cult


but that’s not you – you’re a full time member


complicit, content and comfortable in your special identity


you’re hardwired to do your Jewish thing


to lie, to steal, to murder


destroy – destroy – destroy


in the good ol kosher way


cos it’s just what you do


you know nothing else


habit – culture – tradition


the goyim just there for you to use


to abuse, to slaughter and to main 


all the cruelty, the insanity 


just your demonic driven ways


every day you make that lifestyle choice


every day you make that humanitarian choice


every day you make that spiritual choice


satan or The Divine



always a choice



but you just can’t override your Judaic ways



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