Medical Murder



Another fine audio by Deanna. Her guest Diana Hunter. Thank you Diana for sharing with us your very personal and shocking experience. Well done for doing all you could for your mother.

This palliative profit ‘treatment’ is awaiting us all – if we don’t all do our bit to address this evil. These sell outs, these traitors of humanity. Every one of them. Doing the dirty work for the criminal Jews. Non-Jews helping to kill non-Jews on behalf of their masters – truly incredible.



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  1. Just like Diana, every one of us has a story to tell from medical neglect and white-coat institutionalised programming through to downright euthanasia. In my ignorance twenty and thirty years ago I entrusted my beloved parents’ lives to the medical profession because I knew no better then – they died slow and terrifyingly painful deaths. Exactly the same story as Diana’s was happening then in Britain and I’ve seen it over and over again before then and since. Young people unnecessarily dying – not of their cancers – but the treatment they were given, and families torn apart. Fit elderly duped into having flu vaccines or being sent to hospital with a non-life threatening infection, then dead within a few days. Malnourished people who could easily and safely be returned to health with good nutrition (not dietetics) given a lingering death by poisonous medication.

    I have listened to relatives, watching their dying loved ones in horror, say to me they wouldn’t put an animal through that, they’d have them put to sleep straight away – like an old pet at the vets. Little knowing that it is all so futile and just part of the practice of making as much money out of the public (funding the NHS – the biggest employer in Britain) while despatching the patient by eugenics. If only they hadn’t been hypnotised by the ethics of ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’ in the first place. No, never trust them.

    Doctors are encouraged to do expensive and poorly conceived tests on their patients looking for the first ‘fault’ whether it’s a check-up or a patient with symptoms. The patient is put on medication which invariably leads to side-effects before long. They are then on a downhill slide for ‘chaser medication’ – more drugs to dampen down the side-effects of the earlier drugs. Patients need to know that the side effects which they are likely to get sooner or later, are often worse than the original problem – causing drug-induced diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or diabetes, or even deaths, and that the drugs often cost pennies to produce but cost the public purse hundreds and frequently thousands of pounds – making huge profits for big pharma.

    While only approximately 15,000 people die each year from illegal street drugs, over 100,000 are killed each year from properly prescribed medications in the US alone. That figure is likely to be nearer to 200,000 by more recent figures.

    Doctors are encouraged to ‘diagnose’ new diseases to catch more victims. I listened to a couple of retired family doctors (these are the good guys who can speak out now and know what a bent profession they were in) discussing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. They said in fifty years of practice they never ever saw one patient that fitted that diagnosis. Now, if anyone is over the age of 65 and is having ‘falls’ or has any confusion or memory lapses, (not uncommon with toxic modern lifestyle and poor diet, lack of exercise and stress) they are likely to be put on the early road to a diagnosis of dementia. The sales pitch is to push the ‘postcode lottery’ that will deny the patient the ridiculously expensive drug ‘Aricept’ (Donepezil). This is the ‘sell’ to the public – deny them something – and they will beg to have it – and they do. Around 50,000 people in the UK are given donepezil – but ‘experts’ say this should be targeted to 500,000 right through into the severe stages of Alzheimer’s. That’s a nice profit to aim for.

    I watched a friend’s 80 year old mother come out of hospital no better than a cabbage – even though she’d walked in there a week earlier with a bladder infection. Over a couple of years her mother was bed-bound, unable to speak or feed herself and totally incontinent – no better than a baby, with my friend as her carer (plus a team from social services at public expense). I held the mother’s hand on one visit and spoke gently to her. I watched a tear roll down her face, I knew her mind was still there, she was drugged and trapped. I encouraged my friend to contact the doctor and ask for a medicine’s review – we never got the courtesy of a reply. The daughters ‘chose’ to cut down the medications. I asked them to give more suitable nutrition and in particular coconut oil and B vitamins. I asked the daughters to chat more to their mother and tell them about their day. I asked them to play music that they knew their mother liked. Within a few weeks, the mother was feeding herself again, sitting up in bed and asking how her brother in Ireland was. The staggering point of this was that the mother told the daughters that she had known everything that was going on all the time, and knew her body was paralysed, unable to communicate. She also told of frequent ‘near-death’ experiences. So please, never, ever give up hope. Find a naturopathic doctor and do your own research. The lady in question did die a few years later, again going back into hospital with an infection.

    Even my own personal experience of the medical profession has been quite shocking leading me to learn everything I could to heal myself naturally. In an accident, I am the first to praise the medical profession, but I would never go near a doctor for anything else ever again. They are (mostly) arrogant and ignorant of their patients’ wants or needs.

    Their ethos is purely a sales pitch of ‘You’re going to die, but don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand – while robbing you with the other hand’. (Sound familiar?) It’s all a big jew business.


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