Sorry to be a nuisance

Fearful, Nervous, Anxious Submissive dog  by Stan Rawlinson


would it suit you if we were polite in our complaints?

would you prefer for us to be more gentlemanly about all this?

is it ok if we get a bit ruffled with your aggression towards us?

I hope you wouldn’t mind us getting a bit frustrated?

may we dare complain?

how would you like us to respond?

 is there an official procedure to voice our objections?

we hope you don’t mind us grumbling about what’s going on?

sorry for making a fuss

I appreciate it would seem we ought to be a bit more grateful

to be honest, one or two of us do have some gripes

would you like us to just lie down and be castrated?

I know we’re being awkward with our quibbles

It’s awfully rude of us I know to express our grievances

if it’s ok with you, we’ld like to show some level of dissent?

it’s kind of you to allow us to make a protest

would you like us to just quietly die off?

we’ll work around your plans

so sorry to bother you

I know it seems we’re always moaning

apologies for sounding so fed up

it’s just our silly goyish ways

we really don’t mean to inconvenience you


it may seem rude that some of us have some disproval of your Jewish ways 



We really are so sorry to be such a nuisance

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  1. For all of us to just quietly die off is exactly the plan. The jews hate getting their own hands dirty. Weather control and poisoning of our minds and bodies will do them very nicely, while taking every bit of independence and power away from us. It is extremely effective. Our once respectable hard-working population of sheeple have never learned to recognise when they are being robbed and wrecked even when it’s in broad daylight. Sadly, it seems the depths of judaic deception have gone too far to wake up the vast majority before it’s too late for them. We can best help the ones looking for answers to keep growing.

    • Another classic from SG – many thanks

    • Holocaustralian

       /  April 15, 2013

      And the higher the “educated” amongst the bewildered herd the deeper the hook. My futile attempts to enlighten these dunderheads as to their status as judaic economic units is generally met with a blank stare. I am losing respect for them by the minute. Our only chance for survival would be to remove that large screen Telavivision from every lounge room across the land with which they inject their poison………but i cant see that happening.

  2. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  April 14, 2013

    Hehehe! = )

  3. Knowtoomuch

     /  April 14, 2013

    THAT’s the reason why we should be relentlessly trieng to get people woken up from the J-Narcosis and warn them for the Biggest Danger Ever, though I think the Jew Illuminati abuses World Jewry as a shield to hide behind … ready to sacrifice even THEM …


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