“Isolated nationalism as our complete focus is not the answer for world peace. When we place our attention primarily on protecting MY race, MY people, MY culture, MY colour, MY country; this is a ‘my back yard’ mindset and this is falling for the selfishness trap. Because of selfishness we are in this mess. Therefore we cannot defeat global selfishness with selfish solutions.”

~ Digger

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  1. My dear Digger,

    The white race and culture IS IN BIG TROUBLE because there are forces, primarily Jewish and leftist, that are out to destroy them. This is REALITY. Just as we don’t want to see the chimpanzee or mountain gorilla or dolphin go extinct, we also should not want a race of people and their unique culture to become extinct. If any other race on this planet had the low birth rate that whites have, people would be screaming Genocide!, we must save racial diversity, and they would immediately enact social measures to increase the birth rate of this distinct group. NOT SO WHEN IT IS THE WHITE RACE!!

    I am not going to practice an enlightened spiritual philosophy, the we are one crap, when the reality on earth is quite different and there is an ongoing struggle for white racial survival. The only problem with white nationalism today is that the people who lead these groups appear too stupid to survive, that is if they are even sincere nationalists and not govt. agents. The only deadly danger to the white race is International Jewry and its control of all Western govts. Until ALL nationalists, from all parts of the earth, realize this and fight back against this one foe, we will be running around “like a bunch of drugged cockroaches”.

    • Dear Patty,

      I’m sorry this quote made you react, but I sense this is what you understandably have done. I feel you have misread it and therefore read the message with a false interrptation. I and many of us are not saying there is not a problem, a very serious problem with the decimation of the white race. Nobody is denying this white culling.

      The first few words of my quote sum up what I/we mean: “Isolated nationalism as our complete focus ….”.

      All we are saying is in most cases it is an isolated and SELFISH mindset. To hell with anyone else I am going to just look after MY affairs attitude. This is futile and coming from a place of ignorance I’m sure you would agree. It is seriously spiritually void. We are in a spiritual war – therefore the ONLY way we are going to deal with this at a root level is through addressing this spiritually.

      All we are saying Patty is we are ALL in this together. This after all is a New WORLD Order attack on humanity. There is only one race – the human race.

      You hinted that these white nationalist are not the real thing. I’m sure you are right – and perhaps that is who I/we are addressing and those that follow them. Well likewise, the TRUE spiritual message has also been polluted. As for the “we are all one crap” as you say is only one example how the new-age movement has polluted this true message and spirituality. The essence of this oneness is about defeating selfishness, not the fluffy there there there luv n hugs perception of spirituality’. Addressing the disease of separatism is a serious message. Because spirituality is serious business.

      Yes we do need to fight back against International Jewry. But we can ONLY do this from a detached strong spiritual base. Grounded, conscious, non-reactive and from a selfless position.

      Thank you again for your contribution.

      I do enjoy your engagement 🙂

  2. Digger, thank you for treating me sweetly and with understanding even when I’m in a huff. I read your posts hoping I can absorb the message and understand it accurately but because of my own personal experience, which involved much emotional turmoil, I find myself reacting to certain trigger words, such as the need to be selfless and not selfish. For instance, people always say ” Do for others, be of service to others ” but one day I realized I am the other and I must also do for myself, be of service to Patty, as in the saying ” If I am not for myself, who will be for me…” or something like that. We must balance tending to our own needs, our own race, our own country and the rest of humanity.

    You see, Dig, I don’t fully understand what you are saying sometimes.

    • You’re a beauty Patty – nothing more. We’re glad you’re looking out for yourself. That’s part of the spiritual aspiration. To have self-worth and love oneself, in order to then help and love others. We’re all working on this.

      Yes, we understand why you would react – I do on a daily basis. We’re finding we just can’t help reacting to this assault on humanity.

      We’re so glad you’re on our team

      Thank you again for contributing.


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