The Calling



consciousness is calling

time to face the the music


no more the comfortable browser 


time to act on what you know


you are indeed the Truth warrior – this is your calling


you did not stumble across this information by chance


this is your spiritual opportunity


no more passivity – no more the neutral role


time to act – time to be the proactive Truther


you are needed – yes you


all you skills, talent, experience – all your life’s knocks and lessons


all to be put to good use – now


your methodology, your humour, your creativity, your doggedness 

all that potential, all that energy

all needed


embrace this golden opportunity, embrace the spirit


what could be more important?

you are a soul, not your body – so you have nothing to fear



you are in an illusory matrix prison anyway – so what have you got to lose?

what is the logic in being inactive?


fear is futile


enough of the endless selfish browsing  


time to DO – time to ACT

you have a job to do – that’s why you’re here

The ball is in our court – it always has been



You the Truth warrior – this is your calling

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  1. Hello:

    Just a brief note.

    ED: That’s why or here; third to last line.

    Also, the last line, i.e., …. Is it the truth warrior?

    Wonderful post and fantastic site. Many thanks.

    Peace Out

    • Many thank A, no excuse for sloppy typos. Although I am very tired and rushed the uploading a bit.

      Please send your invoice for proofreading 😉

      Thanks for positive feedback all the same

  2. Clarification:

    YOU ARE OR YOU’RE re: <That's why ….


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