The Assistants

 Trojan horse


We are at war! And this is a life or death situation!


The list below are all those people who have played their role in allowing the enemy to destroy us. They have either stood by passively or actively assisted these criminals. They are both Jew and non-Jew alike. They are all traitors at some level as they have assisted the instigators of these serious criminal activities.

In rare cases some of these people may be excused. For example a local MP who genuinely tried to help their community. Or a sound solicitor who worked under humanitarian principles. Or anyone working within ethical grounds. But each case will be judged accordingly.




These are the errand boys and girls for the criminal Jews, also known as useful idiots.

  • police and community support officers at all levels
  • military at all levels
  • scientists creating enslavement weapons of any kind
  • manufacturers of these weapons
  • parking attendants
  • main stream politicians
  • to some degree the prison ‘service’
  • council officials
  • disinformation agents/controlled opposition
  • bailiffs and debt collectors
  • agent provocateurs
  • legal teams – the lot of them
  • academia heads pushing polluted indoctrination
  • the media moguls
  • insurance scams and corrupt pension schemers
  • housing sector tyrants criminalizing people just because they cannot make payments
  • the entertainment pundits forwarding social engineering
  • public CCTV manufacturers, installers and monitors
  • pornographers and sex industry agents
  • music agents pushing destructive social memes
  • change agents in all spheres of society (creating constant new norms and unsettled/unstable environments)
  • alcohol industry agents
  • drug industry agents
  • eugenics within the medical mafia
  • those pushing enforced immigration
  • those pushing atheist or/and satanic agendas
  • abortionists at every level
  • vivisectors and all animal abusers
  • food tamperers: GM and any denaturing of foods
  • agents involved in fluoridation of water
  • those manufacturing and distributing chemtrails
  • those pushing for sexual perversion as new social normsk


I didn’t know and I was just doing my job are unacceptable excuses at this stage in the game. Ignorance is no excuse. 




The comfortable browsers. All those passive Truthers who stood by and watched and did nothing. Those that knew, but did not do. Month after month, season after season, year after year these neutral observers did NOTHING to help the situation. They had endless opportunities and messages to ACT. But repeatedly chose to remain in apathy, as mere entertainment seekers.

These pathetic individuals are equally as traitorous as the collaborators for indirectly assisting criminality. Therefore need to be punished equally.

The excuse about waiting for a momentum of the mob before they were going to act, is a pathetic excuse and will not be accepted.


Every day that these bystanders remain passive, they are carrying out a criminal act. 



 All these groups of people are assisting and COMPLICIT in the destruction of this planet, therefore traitors to humanity


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  1. You are as always an inspiration, Digger. Just about all of us are fearful of what we do. It isn’t easy to draw attention to ourselves to speak out. It’s just too easy to take a backseat and look on in shock at every trap unfolding before us. Most of the time we feel powerless, even when we are doing our little bit in the background. Somehow we’ve got to gain inner strength to go that bit further and further – to hell with the consequences – because we have contributed to their judaic hell by not doing anything. There are no options left – no sitting back. Our comfort zones are vanishing before our eyes. We have nothing to lose right now. Use your last bit of free speech while you have it and speak out and lose that fear.

    • Thank you Spicegirl – likewise.

      But remember it was your ‘choice’ to receive it this way – in an inspirational positive light. A benevolent stick and carrot together. Many people will just get ruffled by this post, or my collective posts and choose see them as nothing more than nagging. It is kinda nagging in a way, but I mean only good. It’s not like I’m nagging someone to get their bathroom done – this is so much more important to state the obvious. Hence why I started off with this subheading title “We are at war!” in bold red. I cannot see anything more important in our lives than trying to fight this. We have nothing else to lose.

      You are right in mentioning fear. That is why I make so much emphasis on the spiritual side of all this – especially our identity as being a soul as well as the controversial, subjective and awkward topic of Maya (illusion). Even if we only academically grasp these conceptually, these will help us all hugely in overcoming these false learnt fears.

      To put it bluntly – there are zero advantages of NOT being proactive.

      Not to mention our true purpose in life. Why we are here – our spiritual responsibility – to serve others.

      We all appreciate that excellent video you sent of the sad, desperate and very real situation in Syria. These poor people. That is definitely going to be in each and every one of our lives soon, if we don’t pull our finger out and ACT NOW.

      I know you know this.

      Thank you again for contributing.

      Associated link

  2. Thanks Digger, yes we are at war with damage being constantly done to our bodies, minds and souls. Even where we, or our close neighbours and our distant neighbours don’t recognise the source of these ‘wars’ inflicted on every part of ‘goy’ lives. We have to stop this seen and unseen control over us, and resist in every way otherwise we are lemmings standing on the cliff of life.

  3. Many of us don’t want or mean to be passive but sometimes there doesn’t seem to be effective ways to fight back. Recently confronted by this dilemma, I have decided to financially support our “revisionist” scholars who have sacrificed their livelihoods and freedom to bring us TRUTH. Their heroic actions on the academic battlefield, their momentous discovery that the Jew holocaust is a HOLOHOAX, the revelations that it was the German people who suffered the most during WW 2, the war crimes that were committed against them — these are the people that deliver us from the Dark Ages of the 20th century that continues into the 21st with the 9/11 lies. Lie upon lie upon lie causes societies to die.

    The revisionists have earned our deepest gratitude and any extra money I have will be sent their way to repay them for their selfless work to liberate mankind.

    • Excellent way of rewarding these heros Patty. I’m not sure if wholeheartedly think there are no effective ways. I think propagation to new blood and resistance at some level are collectively powerful. We understand your feelings of despair though.

      Thank you again Patty for contributing


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