Truth Newsflash

Number 10 Downing Street, London. Photo by The Prime Minister's Office

We apologize for the interruption to your normal TV scheduling – but we have an urgent Newsflash. 

We have some breaking news coming from direct from outside number 10 Downing Street brought to you by our scruffy reporter Digger.




Well, to cut to the chase – this is how it is …..


  • JFK was not assassinated by John Harvey Oswold, but by the Jewish mafia
  • 9/11, London 7/7 and the Madrid bombings were carried out by zionist Jews and the Muslims were the scapegoats
  • Cancer is TOTALLY curable through marijuana resin and quality nutrition
  • The reason the economy is collapsing is because of the organised Jewish banking system known as usury, which is designed to collapse as it is debt-based. Your money is backed up with absolutely nothing.
  • Both world wars were instigated, funded and orchestrated by the criminal Jews
  • Vaccines are not to protect you, but designed to slowly kill you
  • Global warming is a fable and ties in with a global Jewish conspiracy outlined in their Agenda 21 eugenics document to destroy 90% of non-Jews in the world
  • Man never went to the moon
  • Up to 147 million non-Jews were butchered by supremacist Jews in Russia under the mask of communism
  • Hitler was actually the main hero of the second world war
  • The only terrorist as such are not Al-Quida, the Taliban and insurgent rebels – but in fact elite, criminal Jews. They are behind all these wars.
  • Ohh, and the Jewish holocaust was a complete and utter fraud



So, it turns out the Jews are not the eternal victims and God’s favorites after all. Yes, you’ve all been had.


Essentially this means you lot have all been lied to your entire lives. And this means that your academia, politicians, banks, media sources have all systematically deceived you, in order to fleece and murder you.


For further information on these facts, we urge our viewers to switch off this Jewish mind control programming immediately and go on line and start reading The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and begin to critically think for the first time in your life.


And for all you idiots who CHOOSE to remain dumbed-down comatised sheople – we now return to the ball game.


Reporting for the BBC here in London



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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  April 10, 2013

    Deceit and trickery are one the main components the Jews use to corral and manipulate Gentiles. Sad to say, it’s working very well in the USA.

  2. mable

     /  April 11, 2013

    If you go to hospital for an operation be careful because they may give you vaccinations while you sleep.
    I think it was done to me but i don’t wish to go into detail here.

    • Sound advice, thank you mable

    • This is VERY sound advice; Jewish communists here, just like in Russia, use their demonic elite against the Christian goyim! This is confirmed!
      (Also, another comment was either not approved or deleted by WordPress Jews.)

      WTF, do u pick and choose and leave out MENORAH massacres?
      Here it is again:

      Andrea Ostrov Letania, would you marry me? ;D)

      The RACKETEERING, if not full demonic, child trafficking, sodomite Jew criminalsand their further attempts to SMEAR those whites they’ve targeted since, at least 633AD, when their ready made army of “Muslims” attacked White Persia, then again in Spain, in 711AD; BOTH only successful due to alliances with internal Jews; Yes, TREASON, 9/11 style, converted those countries to BROWN.

      Every so-called ‘revolution’ since were further treasonous harvest-like attacks, of their ‘piggy banks’, aided by internal Jew TRAITORS and outside alliances with traditional enemies!
      (See 1)”Jew as Ally of the Muslim” Medieval Roots of Antisemitism”
      2) Corroborative Research (Often hacked; no Kosher Good Housekeeping awards here and they have the passwords to everything!) )

      Here’s HARD mathematical evidence of the Jewish Conspiracy in Charleston, and many other Red Terror like attacks, that cannot be debunked!
      Menorah Massacre

      Regards from California, where the East toucheth the West,

      Jewtube:Running on Backup/Main Channel censored!

      Jewtube:Secondary is here!

      Jews who tell too many truths are censored; their vids are here for download! Of particular note is Jewish testimony on their elite cannibalism, also told by Vicki Polin the brave testimony given, somehow, on TV!
      In short so-called “Blood Libel”, and DO see Freud’s first paper on his ELITE pedophile Jewish customers, is more Jewish BS, like the German gas chamber story!!

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