Reflective Exercise

Frog Sitting on Bench


Next time you pop into town to do your shopping, or purchase some items. First take a moment to sit down on a bench; bang smack in the middle of the shopping mall or precinct for a reflective break.


Just five or ten minutes before you go about your business, in order to carry out these simple objective exercises.



Just sit quietly and observe the insanity of the environment. The hussle and bussle atmosphere. The snatch and grab mindset, gotta get, gotta have, consume, consume, consume. Desire, desire, desire. More and more and more.


Have a look to see if you can see genuine happiness in these people. Ponder on how many of these people are in a selfish mindset or an altruistic mindset, or a bit of both.


Observe how truly unnatural this is. How this madness has become our new normal in all our lives. The levels of mind control. And more importantly how unnecessary it is.




Try hard to now see all these busy bodies as non-bodies. As souls. Lots of different characters all dressed in spacesuits. Mostly human, the occasional four legged souls, but all souls. Tan coloured spacesuits, brown coloured, pinkish coloured, very dark spacesuits, old, tall, some in wheelchairs, with sticks, tiny space suits in prams – but all spacesuits. All with bright lights on inside these soulsuits. Imagine the slowed down photo shot at night of the car headlights. Lots and lots of Christmas lights buzzing around in front of you.


Ponder to yourself how many of these people are in body consciousness minds. 100%, 99.9%?? How many of them are awake to what is going on? How many really care about the state of the planet? About their long-term futures?


How many of them are aware of themselves as souls, or even believe in this concept, and have ever contemplated soul consciousness – or even care.


How many of these people on the screen in front of you are presently conscious to a higher Divinity (God conscious)?




Now, how about you?


Are you soul conscious?


Are you Divine/God conscious? Are you trying to make that connection?


Now you’ve had your traffic break. Try hard to now maintain this soul consciousness and Divine consciousness when you immerse yourself back into this environment. A beautiful immortal soul in a soulsuit, connected up to the main grid.


Car lights and street lamps lights in the night. Stock Photo - 3325363


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