The lot of you


You all need arresting and slinging in mental asylums 


All you insane puppet politicians – you indirect murderers for your judaic masters wishes


All you goons donned in black occult costumes hiding behind your Jewish master’s legality 


All you mad scientists creating poisons to destroy people and the environment


Yes, you design freaks who receive your myopic Pavlovian rewards to help create tools to enslave us and yourselves


You unconscious vivisectors and animal abusers 


You perverted rabbis and cult members who actively push your JWO agenda


You certifiable debt collectors and bailiffs, threatening your fellow non-Jews, helping the criminal Jews further fleece victims, just because they couldn’t keep up with this corporate theft


You media moguls directly and indirectly helping to propagate the lies to create all this UNNECESSARY cruelty and suffering


All you war criminals under the guise of heros parading around in other people’s countries with your new killing toys


You educated idiots in your white coats helping to euthanize and implement your masters eugenics plan


You sicko social services who snatch children from loving families


You psychotic nurses pumping your innocent brothers and sisters full of deadly toxic vaccines


In you go – you lunatics, you cowards, you sellouts, you myopic fools. All you people of unsound minds – in you go. Because you are not sane. You are behaving unnaturally. You are acting in an anti-social behaviour. You’re deranged. You are sick. You are damaged and you need treating.


Enough of your excuses….just doing me job. You had endless opportunities to re-think what you were doing. We warned you, we tried in vain to tell you about your demonic practices – but you just laughed in our faces and took your money and bought your comfortable lifestyles.



You have let humanity down. You have let your families down. You have let your ancestors down. You have let yourselves down – and you have sinned! 


So in you go


The lot of you



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  1. Digger, You Are A Poet!

  2. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  April 3, 2013

    Bravo my friend! Could not have said it better. When that moment comes it will be worth celebrating!!

    • Thanks ‘again; Val. Great broadcast with Keith tuther day. Very informative. How ignorant I am of your world, your heritage. Hope to hear more of you soon.

  3. Matthew/Boston

     /  April 3, 2013

    That about says it all. Society is slowly and gradually introduced to all these instances of insanity one by one that it acclimates to the insanity with barely a question.

    Here is an article that is a MUST READ. You may have viewed the bits and pieces of this article before, but here it is in one neat article and it’s updated. If you’ve ever wondered if America enjoys ANY benefit to their relationship with Israel, this article is for you. Please read and spread this article around! Link to it wherever you go on the internet.

  4. Great observation,I have known this for more than fourty years but never expressed it so accurately and simply.Thak You

    • Welcome to DFT Christopher,

      Forty years hey – my word! Well at least it must be reassuring to ‘finally’ know you are not alone and that 2+2 does actually = 4

      Thank you for contributing.


  5. for the children.


    the entire “Jewish Narrative is a Lie…A SUBSTANTIAL MISSTATEMENT OF FACT

    the so-called “JEWISH PEOPLE” who are turko-mongolian proselytes to Talmudic Judaism the stool sculpture deity cult…being played for freiers…

    try hard to find out what tribe they tell the ASHKENAZIM that they are allegedly from ?

    the yiddish speaking …. “Jewish” tribe ?

  1. The lot of you | The Ugly Truth

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