Sound Advice

Shahid Kapoor with dad Pankaj Kapoor


Father’s advice to his son who’s just started out in life

“You see son, this is where you’re going wrong. Life’s not about serving others. You’ve failed to grasp that the purpose of life is about slaving away to make as much mammon as you possibly can. It doesn’t matter how you obtain it, who you tread on and if you sell your soul to gain it; it only matters you obtain as much of the stuff as you can, in order to then go out and consume. 

Yes, consume, consume, consume.

That way you’ll become totally enamored in lots of possessions. That’s what money is for, to afford as much selfish desires and sensual comforts as you can have; that is our true purpose in life… consume.

And all these ‘things’ you consume and hoard will give you true happiness. And you will soon become very attached to your possessions and materialism in general and then your ego will try to cling onto them as much as you can, because of fear of loss, as these materialistic things will be part of who you really are – your true identity

So from now on, go out there son with your new mindset, that you are a materialist consumer, wrapped up in attachment, ego and selfish, ignorant, sense gratification.

Now, get back to work and earn as much wonga as possible.”


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