Don’t be part of it




We can’t complain about the system, if we are part of the system


If we are the bricklayers building their corrupt satanic prisons


If we are the secretaries filing all their corrupt satanic paperwork


If we build and instal their corrupt satanic CCTV cameras


If we are the lorry drivers delivering their corrupt satanic materials


If we are the educators helping to teach their corrupt satanic doctrines


We can’t complain about the corrupt councils if we are allowing our local council to remove money from our bank accounts every month through direct debit


We have no cause to complain about the criminals in power if we CONTRACT with these traitors, through our tacit consent by filling out those ‘mandatory’ government registration forms


Who are we to complain about the poor levels of media, when we pay for it!?


Why on earth are we doing their dirty work for them!? Building and maintaining their satanic system. Why on earth are we helping to bring on our own enslavement!? Paying for and making our own shackles????


We have to start turning our backs on this insanity. Stop paying for it, stop supporting it, stop contracting with these villains, stop working for them, stop acquiescing. 


It’s time to put our energies into what is right. To aim to go off grid asap. Our own businesses, our own academia, our own proper law centers, our own peace officers, our own newspapers. 


To hell with them – to hell with their satanic ways.


We are not part of THEIR society. We no longer recognise THEIR system. We do not belong to THEIR corruption. THEIR corrupt courts, THEIR utility systems, THEIR corrupt legal system, THEIR corrupt media, THEIR corrupt industries, THEIR corrupt education. The lot.


Thanks, but no thanks















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