The Family Project

Construction on a building site in Hatfield


Let’s just imagine we’re all working together on a big building project. All of us, working as a collective unit. All the family members from all across the globe, all nationalities, all backgrounds, all ages, all colours. All of us mucking in to get this family project completed.

Many of our family members have never been on a building site in their lives. Most haven’t got a clue what to do, how to go about basic tasks; but they’re there all the same, offering their most precious possessions – their time and life force energy (spirit). They’re just having a go.

Some of us are generalists like myself, with no real speciality or training in any area, and some are experienced and experts in their fields. But we’re all doing our bit.

We know we won’t be getting paid on a daily basis, nor at the end of week, nor at the end of the month. In fact even if we do get a few shekels along the way just to keep us barely ticking along, we know we could be earning real money out there doing something else.

But that’s irrelevant, because we know that collectively, on a cooperative level, we’ll get a share of the benefits of completing this building project, way beyond financial terms. Just what’s good for the benefit of the family – a spiritual socialism. What more rewards could one ask for(?)

Some family members who don’t have a specific trade, enthusiastically just do the residual work – the sweeping up, the ordering of materials, the unloading of deliveries, making the lunches and the most important job of all on any building site – making a cuppa.


 Mug of tea - Hot? Luke warm?

All of us just mucking in.

Some of us who are generalists have an all-round skill base, but do not really shine through compared to some of the true craftsmen we have in the family. So we recognise it’s appropriate to simply step aside and allow them to really get stuck in to their specialized trades. The detailed complex brickwork, the refined welding, the construction management, the academic surveying and engineering. What would we do without these amazing family members??

Yet what would they do with us? Without their work areas kept nice n clean, first aid provisions, motivational aspects, prepped conditioned, a bit of funding, sufficient and appropriate materials provided – plus all the incremental background logistics. That all-important symbiotic relationship. All of us just trying our best, doing our bit, having a go.

And that’s all we can do. Do the best we can within the resources and with capacities we have. And we ALL have something to give……we really do. Life experiences, some trait, some skill, some contact, some level of contribution.

Because there is plenty of work, there is always SOMETHING to do on this project. You will never be short of opportunities. And you are desperately wanted and needed!

And the beauty is, once we begin the process of having a go, we find that it’s not so bad after all; but more importantly we are better than we could have ever imagined. Plus we end up discovering potential creative elements within us, we never dreamt we would have, and they develop throughout the project.

And we soon find out that there are family members who will give us support along the way – guidance, top tips, little tricks they’ve learnt, and the all-important motivational support. And when we get to find out their background, we find out they too were also in our position; they too were once green to this and all they did was simply have a go.

So let’s get out there my dear family members and be willing to make mistakes. Let’s just take on this project knowing we’re going to trip up from time to time on this building site full of hazards. Let’s roll up our sleeves and show camaraderie and collective family spirit.



Let’s just have a go



Construction Clean Up Albany NY



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  1. It’s me sweeping up and making the tea – but seriously, even small gestures to each other are valuable. We all need support, sometimes sympathy. It’s all important. We each have skills to offer. But more importantly we need to persevere at the things we find hardest – however many times we get slapped in the face – it doesn’t matter. Nothing is as bad as the sights we see going on around us. Just do something positive each and every time you can.


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