The Desert Island



Once upon a time a large section of humanity was stranded on a desert island. About a thousand of us in all. After some while, we established some levels of adjustment to this island existence. We began to gain workable social orders. Of course we had our problems and situations arose, but we always seemed to get over them and adjusted. We soon learnt to just get on in life, doing our thing called living. We acclimatized to our beautiful desert island and life was relatively fine.

Not a lot went on environmentally on the island, the rare hurricane, heavy storm and even odd drought; but we got through it all. Most the time it was much the same without many dramas.

But one exceptional day, one of our lookouts spotted a black dot way out there in the clear blue horizon. What on earth could it be? A passing ship, a whale, a dark storm? As time passed this dot began to get bigger. It indeed was a vessel of some sort. Closer and closer it slowly progressed towards our little existence.

So much so all the inhabitants begin to get excited by this unique event. Never in all the years of island inhabitance had we even spotted any ‘outsiders’. How exciting! What a rare treat.

As time went by, most of us congregated on the shore observing this rare event. Some in anticipation, some with speculative ideas and theories, both positive and negative.

We soon realized it was a little sailing boat, coming our way. And as this vulnerable crew reached our shores we ran to help them ashore.

We reflected What poor souls, how distraught they all looked. Worn out from their exhaustive journey, depleted, drained – but now safe within our environment. What a golden opportunity. Other human beings to interact with – to give to, to help. 10 poor individuals from the outside world had come into our lives. 


Coming ashore


They said they are from a special race, with special values and traditions. They claimed to be a race of chosen ones with G-d given rights. Well they certainly did look very different from us and indeed did present some quirky ways.

Hey, but who were we to judge, we had an opportunity which we just had to embrace. Our job was not to judge, but to feed these special people, give them shelter, warmth, sustenance, kindness, compassion and most of all; our most precious possession – TRUST.

They soon become settled, and acclimatized to our island. Many of us islanders were dead proud of ourselves for having embraced these people. Given them hope. Our humanitarian gesture.

After a while one or two of the elders of these special people suggested that they needed to begin to eat in their own ways, with their special foods. Our initial response was that we found it a bit strange that they wouldn’t want to just blend  in with our island’s natural habitats. But the elders of these people assured us that it was just their ancient traditions and wouldn’t affect the natural balance of the island.

Some of us found their way of killing the local wildlife really quite disturbing, but our own social leaders reassured us this is just tradition and these people have their right to their quirky ways. So we all just tolerated it.

While this was going on in the background. A couple of members of these new inhabitants – these special people, kindly offered to assist in our open debates about the running of our island. You know, just the simple order of things, to ease social interactions.

They were terrific, because they had some great new radical ideas for improvement and development. Refreshing progressive ideas like ‘island defense’ in case of intruders or terrorists. Also social discipline within the islanders and necessary methods of social control. They assured us that it will help develop the island and bring about progress and improve our lives.

Again we TRUSTED our leaders and these new special people. After all they told us they were G-d’s chosen and they had established traditions.

Some of our indigenous islanders had heard rumors about these better people who have inhabited our little land. How they were promptly booted out of their previous existence because the general populace had had enough of their tribal ways.

There were mixed feelings about these stories. Some felt sorry for these poor victims and offered them more kindness. But others were naturally curious about what really went on and began to probe into the actions and characteristics of this special clan. They dared to ask questions.

But these questioners were immediately slammed by most of the non-special people. How dare you be so cruel to these poor victimized specials. How dare you doubt these oppressed people!? How dare you be so anti-special!?

Within a few years the special people – you know the ones who told us they were chosen, those ones with better genes and better values – they had really settled in. They had established special prayer places for them to practice their special beliefs and traditions. They had reproduced themselves having had lots of offspring – only within their own tribe (inbreeding).

In fact they proved themselves to be very good at organising and had a great ability to assist (control) key aspects our infrastructure. One or two controlling the food distribution, one or two organising the labour areas, one or two helping to re-structure the social orders; creating courts and methods of island penalties.

In fact now the island was safe because it had it’s own military and policing to police the islanders from themselves and any potential outside pirates that may invade them. Now things were really beginning to move on the island – now we had progress.

Of course these special people needed rewarding for all their hard work and efforts, which naturally we the original inhabitants were willing to provide. Why not when now we had all these benefits. Ohh the chosen ones – what would we have done without these special ones??

Of course in the background there were one or two awkward individuals, the islanders who could remember the days gone by when they didn’t really have to work all day. They just did their bit around the island, contributed and enjoyed the social benefits their collective effort provided. They recalled not really having fear, or others (special people) controlling them. In fact they couldn’t recall ANYONE having authority over them, unless they approved of that authority.

But nobody would listen to them. They were outnumbered. Why would anyone listen to them when the special people promised us all so many benefits – in the future – how things were going to improve – some way down the line(?)

The best thing of all the special people introduced to the island were their labour tokens. These tokens were amazing because they could buy you all sorts of stuff – you know things. Things to consume, things to use, and eat and play with. It was great. Because all you had to do was work so many hours and you got these tokens. These tokens had all sorts of different names and gradings. Some were bigger, some were heavier and some more embroiled. But the better they were the more material things you could obtain.

This of course gave the islanders the opportunity to better themselves, to move up the social ladder. This was now called social development – you know progress.

Some people complained that this was creating divisions within the islanders and was unfair. But this was soon quashed by the special people and the islanders who had more labour tokens, as they assured us that these people with very few tokens were just lazy and this new token system was an effective method of filtering out the ‘non-contributers’ of the island.

Soon all these better people brought in a new law that every islander should contribute to the social programme in a form of token tax or be disciplined. And that was fair enough – that made sense.

These special chosen people along with the help of their associates (the ones who collected the most token tax) instigated programmes called ‘education centers’ where the youth were trained to learn this new island order. It was in fact called the New Island Order, for short NIO. Some people nick named the instigators of this New Island Order NIOlists.

These education centers were brilliant because the youth learnt all about how the island was to evolve around labour tokens and all about the new social order of the island and how there were always going to be better people in society – better them them.

The main lesson the youth learnt was how the chosen ones had been cruelly victimised in other distant lands and how the people who done this to them were from the original places these islanders had come from; therefore they were made to feel guilty for their ancestors actions. And rightly so!

The youth and eventually all of us soon got the message that these crimes to the special ones must NEVER HAPPEN AGAIIN. And anyone who doubted these stories would be punished in our new incarceration centers. These doubters were soon ostracized amongst their own islanders. They soon got the message that they had better not publicly doubt nor complain about this NIO, nor the chosen one’s doctrines.

There were NEVER AGAIN museums and memorial shrines set up all around the island to constantly remind us of the shameful past of our ancestors and that we should make amends to these poor victim specials. 

This was the NEW ISLAND ORDER. We now had progress in our lives. Ohh yes, those 10 individuals who were once vulnerable needy souls, who we originally accepted onto our island and helped in every way, were now in every position of authority. Those poor ravished boat people were now calling the shots.

Thank G-d for those special people

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