Satan’s Army


Jewish settlers cut a Palestinian boy’s arm off for throwing stones.

This also is, according to Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro,

a permitted act under Jewish Law and Jewish “religion”.


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  1. Vile bastards!!!

  2. I am sick to my stomach of reading any of this – not that I didn’t know it. We need to be constantly reminded of the hellish rotten depths of this loathesome ‘religion’ to motivate us onward. We have to do everything we can to help the innocents all over the globe, if we can’t, then we are all next. Keep on getting the message through Digger.

  3. Matthew/Boston

     /  April 2, 2013

    King Obama is enabling the Israeli’s in doing this. I’d like to force an answer or explanation over this issue out of him.

  4. The Palestinian genocide has been ongoing for over 60 yrs. By now, we have all seen the most grotesque photos of dead Palestinians on a daily basis and they all scream out THIS IS WHAT GENOCIDE LOOKS LIKE!!!

    However, we have a situation where the leader of Fatah and the West Bank, Mahmoud Abbas, is a traitor to his own people and actually works for the Israelis and his main job is to keep the Palestinians in line enough to keep Israel safe. The Palestinian police play the same role. They are there to protect Israelis and not Palestinians. The West Bank is full of political prisoners who are tortured barbarically just as the Israelis would torture. I’m sure this farce, this arrangement, has made Abbas and his cronies very rich with fat Swiss bank accounts. Perhaps, the Palestinians need to start throwing rocks at their own leaders and police but of course, if they did this, the Palestinian police would kill them, no different than Israelis do.

    Now we have Turkish P.M. Erdogan planning to visit Gaza in April to meet with the leaders of Hamas. Erdogan is an Israeli/US puppet, another Muslim traitor. Will he offer Hamas a way to betray the Palestinians without it seeming this way. He can’t be going to Gaza for anything good yet Hamas is willing to meet with him just as they took millions from Qatar recently. Qatar, one of the biggest Moslem puppets, ass kickers and boot lickers of the West/Israel. And of course we have the millions of psychopathic mass murdering Muslims in Syria today who have caused the deaths of 70,000 Syrians and this is after they finished with Libya. They await orders to enter Iran.

    This has all left me “comfortably numb”.


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