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Well done Lasha! 

Well done Peter Papaheraklis!

and of course well done Konstaninos Plevris!


Well done to all those brave souls around the world who are standing up to this big fat kosher LIE.

This is more important than we probably can imagine. This big stinker of un-Truth is the Jews leverage. It is their emotional buffer to get away with the plethora of global carnage and destruction – to bring in their JWO agenda.

Once we smash this myth and get this out there into the psyche of the average judaified Joe; these criminal’s whole pack of cards will come tumbling down.



Some classic statements from Konstaninos 

“Look, these people claim that they are God’s chosen people, and they have the nerve to accuse me of being a racist! How can I be the racist here when it is they who claim that they, the Jews, are chosen by God?”


“When I say something I try always to prove it. For this reason, the solution of all these cases concerning the Jews is only one: free public dialogue. Everything in the open, everything in the light. Everything clear, to see it and discuss it. The Jews, they refuse. For this reason I suspect something is wrong. Because they refuse free dialogue … They refuse!”


“Look, I always use either scientific arguments or common sense. The Germans came to Greece in 1941. They went to some town in Greece. They arrested some Jews. They put them in train cars. They sent them somewhere into Poland or Germany, where there was a concentration camp. For what reason? The Jews say: “to kill us.”

I’m asking: Why didn’t they kill them in Greece?”


“I don’t agree with violence. When you have 100 percent  truth on your side, you don’t need violence. Anyway, what violence? The Jews accuse us of violence? They are the first teachers of violence! Look at what is happening in Palestine!”

(Digger’s comment – Yea and throughout the ages, they are always the one’s enacting and instigating violence)


And don’t forget that my victory in the Greek court is final. There are no more appeals. Also, this is the first time in Europe that the Jews lost a case!”


In the article Lasha highlights the 17 countries which forbid the lies of this fable to be exposed. But of course kosher Russia through the Judaified puppet Putin, have now recently succumbed to the atrocity of this polluted law. 


Please check out the comment by Seymour Zak – perhaps an antagonist, but all the same, a sick mindset.

Thank you again Lasha for highlighting this wonderful interview. As always you have the great ability to enhance and bring to our attention important information which may ordinarily be missed.


The Truth will out



Lasha Darkmoon’s Article




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  1. I fear that the ban will come to America, too.

    I have always asked the question of why didn’t Nazis just kill the Jews whenever and wherever they saw them. Why spend so much time, money, food, shelter IF their purpose was to simply kill them? It has never made any sense.

    Why do so many “survivors” lie with abandon, if what they experienced was real?

    I always ask why it is that there are so many countries that ban this train of thought. Its not as if I ever called violence to be done to a single Jew (nor do many others). As a matter of fact, my biggest issue is when I think of Jewish children being separated from their mothers and fathers. The whole thing was horrible enough for me to sympathize, lies are not needed. It takes away from the real horror to lie about the actions that don’t make sense and DOES make them a lot of money and brings a lot of clout and power since, to the extent of gaining their own illegally gotten “state of Israel”.

    Why do they stop dialogue if what they claim is true? Why is it necessary to imprison thinkers and debaters if they are correct? Why is the use of force needed to subdue their opposition?

    The Jews hypocrisy shows no bounds. I am called a racist by the most racist assholes on the planet. Their “Holocaust” is a pyramid of lies, yet they endorse and celebrate the Holocaust they perpetrate on the the Palestinians. They denounce offenses of their “Holy Books” while burning Bibles in Israel.. They push multiculturalism while making their state a Jew Only state.

    There is no end to it.

    • Powerful thoughts B’Man. Many “Whys?” …indeed. There is no end to it.

      Just look at the post Satan’s Army and see the sickness.


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