Tazared Tens


This is ‘another’ threshold, another notch on the ratchet. Are we really allowing this!? 

Will we wake up tomorrow and realise this has just been a nasty dream? This is the reality we are living in. With all these sell outs. Can these idiot police and manufacturers of these tazars not see that this could easily be their children one day. Phewwww…..hands-in-the-air insanity.

“All of us should be outraged!”

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  1. Yes, I am outraged, these weapons are exceedingly dangerous to adults let alone children or anyone vulnerable. There are many reports on the internet that show deaths in adults. CBS reported 70 just in the US up to Feb 2009 http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500202_162-648859.html – and most denied as a factor by the judiciary. Anything so that the cops can avoid getting blood on their own hands. This is all part of the policy of shoot first, ask questions after – but the questions don’t get asked. Our judaic controlled police states show that justice of any sort flew out of the window a long long time ago.

    • Amen SG – yet again you hit the target. Glad you are outraged. We all should be.

      Thank you again for your contribution


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