Truth Army


We have no uniforms, yet we march towards Truth, justice and peace.


We have no hierarchical structure, yet we abide by natural and Divine laws


Our goal is for change, real change, the end of suffering and destruction


We are fighting on the side of Light, against the dark enemies of evil


We are not bound by borders, nations or continents – because we work within a global goal


We do not need the insecure bravado of military parades; we work with subtle forces – beneath, quietly, refrained


Week by week our confidence is building; whereas yours is diminishing


We know, that you know, that we know – your days our numbered


It is only time which stands in our way


Our Truth soldiers our now becoming plentiful – in every village, hamlet, small community the numbers are increasing


Accumulatively, gradually, patiently our non-Jew army is building


Not much longer will we be your downtrodden subservient oppressed goy slaves


The Awakening is happening – and YOU are now scared


We have the potential recruits, just around the corner


We’ve read your filthy demonic doctrines: your talmud, kabbalah and Protocols – we now know your game plan 


We are defiant, pissed off, with heaps of righteous indignation – we want justice




Our weapons are information, knowledge and resourced facts


We are the Truth army built on a solid foundation of consciousness


We are coming for you, we are going to crush you once and for all


tick, tick, tick


You betta watch out for our Truth Army



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  1. Egeria

     /  March 31, 2013

    Dear Digger, Max and I decided to read your beautiful Truth Army verses last night in our program – Max read them out a few minutes before end of the program.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter time, precious friend.

    • Thank you Egeria,
      I did hear it. I will thank Max personally. Very good of you to spread the word.

      Great passionate show by the way. I resonated with your thoughts and your delivery of your thoughts on the flooding of the Palestinian tunnels with raw sewage. That is the mindset and level of evil we are having to face.

      Thank you for everything you are doing.

      In kindness


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