Toxic Truth


This title of course is an oxymoron, as the Truth can’t really be toxic, nor ugly, nor distasteful – Truth is just Truth. Even though we use these terms to jolt people into seeing the reality. I will carry on using these terms, because describing the harsh realities of this cruel world in this way is helpful. But we really need to address the levels of disinformation out there propagated as real Truth. And the distasteful characters which spew out this toxicity.

There are many battles going on inside this movement, major and minor. Some technical data disputes, some historical disputes, some current affairs, and some just differences in approach and quirky anomalies. However one area that really niggles me is how many people in the movement will accept half-Truth.

I mean people I look up to and respect. Long time Truthers who are so spot on with their description. They are so accurate in defining who exactly is behind all of this mess, yet are so unbelievably tolerant with this disease which has penetrated the Truth. The disease of half-Truth.

What is the point in offering someone a $100 bill, but before you hand it to them you rip it in half!?

I cannot wrap my head around the fact that my fellow Truthers are content with this sloppy level of (mis/dis)-information. It’s as if they know all the quality places in town to obtain tasty affordable nutritious food, but they allow others to regularly frequent junk food venues, where these poor souls are poisoned with toxic food. I just can’t get it.

Their bizarre reasoning is that “Well, at least these people are getting some food – it’s better than none.”

Whaaa!!??????? I’m trying to grapple with that logic.

They also say that people are put off when you blast them with all this Jew-wise material – it’s just too much for people to comprehend and digest. And that people will turn away, so you need to gradually blend them in with David Icke type material.

Again, I shake my head in bewilderment. NO NO NO. You never ever stand by and allow these people to swallow this junk toxicity. We have to get them off this crap asap. A million miles away from this hamster wheel disinformation.

Yes I agree people do need weaning into this distasteful Truth; but we can do that without giving them junk Truth. There are heaps and heaps of sites and information sources now on the symptoms of this agenda to ease them in. But we can still keep them away from these poison agents such as Alex Jones and co.


I generally split my Truthing technique into two styles 

(i) If I’m sure I’m going to be meeting or corresponding with that person on a regular basis – say in a work situation. I give them snippets of films on the symptoms such as: chemtrails, basic 9/11 stuff, vaccines, etc. I gear the information around their personality type too. Then if I see a spark of interest, I gently feed them more accurate information as time progresses. Until I eventually get them on to zionism – to the JWO.


(ii) But if I am just distributing fliers, it is always the real deal. Because no matter how harsh the information is, the kosher seed has been sown. Even if they ignore it, they may come back to it – especially when things get tough for them later down the line. When they lose their job and can’t get another and are there in front of the computer, they may just take a look at this ugly Truth.


But the purpose of this essay is to express that we should not tolerate characters who are on the speaking circuits for many many years within the Truth movement telling us that IT’S THE BANKERS.

FUCK OFF …….the bankers my arse.

This is pure unadulterated subversion. This is junk Truth, this is arsenic Truth, this is toxic Truth, this is pseudo Truth, this is half Truth – therefore disinformation. I ain’t ‘avin it. Bollocks to their ‘it’s the bankers’

Listen…..I know a little old lady called Edna in her eighties who has never been on line in her life; who wouldn’t even know how to switch a computer on. God bless her, she’s worked it out that – IT’S THE BANKERS and she’s Jew-wise. So go fuck yourself with this half-Truth rhetoric.

I’ve had enough of it. We’ve had enough of it.

Don’t you dare tell us that long term Truthers who claim to be full time researchers on the speaking circuits; don’t know THE JEWS did 9/11 and THE JEWS are behind ALL of this and that it isn’t a NWO it is JEW World Order. Don’t dare condescend us.

People are spending up to £35 a ticket to listen to this crap. Then they are duped into buying the DVDs and books on top of that which further confuses their understanding, whilst being fleeced. Plus their traveling and accommodation and probably some are sacrificing time off work to attend this half-Truth events. Plus these parasites are probably getting commission from their expensive central location hotel venues.

Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching …..these dis-agents are rolling in it. Making money whilst confusing the issues. Making money from other people’s global suffering. They are dangerous and they are despicable creatures. They are most definitely part of the problem, that they purport to be exposing.


These repulsive disinformation agents are traitors and need arresting for their disgusting criminal behaviour


They are acting as nets to capture potential awakening souls. They are saboteurs to keep people trapped in this relentless half-Truth world. To keep them off the Jew scent.

Our job is to keep nudging people towards the Jew-wise Truth, whereas these dis-agents job is to keep nudging people away from the Jew-wise Truth. It’s that simple.

That is why people can be in the supposed Truth movement for decades, yet never be aware it is THE JEWS behind all those years and years of information gathering. That is why these shills are lethal for the Truth movement. In some cases they are worse than the main stream media.

Because of their constant subversion of the Truth, they are indirectly helping to kill, maim and destroy innocent people’s lives. By distracting and watering down the Truth they are indirectly causing endless suffering, pain and angst in this world.




That is why they are so dangerous. That is why their material is toxic Truth – and that is why they are nothing more than criminals!


It does not matter that they are providing 95% Truth, or even 97% Truth, it matters that they are are deliberately avoiding telling that crucial 3/4/5% of Truth which matters.

Because just like navigating, one only needs to be a few degrees off target to go off in that direction, completely miss the target and NEVER reach one’s destination – THE TRUTH.


I put these scum on the same level as the dirty politicians, the criminal elite Jews, the warmonger banking families. Because they are all cogs in this polluted filthy demonic system.

And you know who you are. More so, we know who you are.

Your days are numbered. All your promotional pitches, your swanky seminars, your TV shows, your half-Truth newspapers and your DVD sales are not going to save you from the onslaught you will receive down the line. When enough people really wake up and see how much you have been fleecing them, whilst poisoning them with your toxic Truth. You will regret your myopic ways big time.

No more of this it’s the bankers

No more of this it’s the Bilderbergers, the Freemasons, the Rothschild Zionists, the Jesuits, the global elitists, and on and on and on and on we could go with your amorphous distractions.

Enough of us are bloated and ill with your junk Truth.  Enough of this toxicity. You can go …..





Because we can learn more from dear old Edna 

– and for FREE


How to program your mind to achieve massive success and wealth

Additional note

I apologise in a way for swearing like this. But to really drive the seriousness and pressing nature of this attack on humanity, I feel sometimes we need to speak in this tone. Some people may think it is unnecessary, or a weakness – maybe this is true. But what I find a thousand times more offensive, is people in the West being passive about the crimes of this tribe and more so, making a tasty living from it through their endless merchandise. I find the impact of this agenda more offensive, both hard kill and soft kill.



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  1. I haven’t noticed such foul language from you before, O’Digger!

    In truth, I’m a bit surprised all your posts aren’t full of ‘fucks and bullshits’ and much worse. Even I have to hold back and I’m still new to all this!

    Your point is very well taken and it is a reminder for us to stay on message with what is at the essence of the black hole to which we’re being tugged…. yes foolish gentiles may serve at the jewish altar by working and even directing banks and monetary systems… but they are doing so for their jewish master. Focus belongs on that master.

    It’s a good thing, though, Ol’ Edna ain’t online 🙂

  2. BMan

     /  March 29, 2013

    Amen and amen.

  3. amerikagulag

     /  March 30, 2013

    Bravo Digger!!! Right with you there. Bankers my arse! Bankers are just a tool of the real enemy; a symptom of the disease. Just like Zionism. The whole bankers thing starts with the Rothschilds: Jews.

    My take on all this is to outlaw Judaism completely. Ban the old testament because it has NO HISTORICAL FOUNDATION WHATSOEVER. It never happened! And thus the other two religions which base themselves upon this non-existent history will collapse right alongside it. To use a 911 analogy, if you want to bring down a building, you have to get at the underpinnings; the foundation. I look right to the source.

    My tag line in many comments is, “the torah and the Talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.” I’ll hold to that until the Jewish book of fables is exposed and destroyed and I present that fact of its non-historicity every chance I get. Unless and until this virus mindset called ‘the chosen ones’ is erased from civilization; unless and until one self-proclaimed ‘special’ group of people is no longer allowed to hold itself above others, we can never expect to see any change. As long as there are people willing to believe the exodus and the wandering and the burning bush and the parting sea, there will be a battle between evil and truth. If the Germans had written the bible, the Germans would be the chosen ones. See how it works? You write the book, you get to be the hero. And it’s all hogwash.

    No one needs a book of lies to be a good person; to show compassion; to help those in need. Those are inherent capacities of human beings. They only need be cultivated. But not through a book of Peter Rabbit tales. It’s time for humanity to grow up and stop waiting for a superhero to show up.

    I gave up religion a decade ago and I have no qualms about telling people they’re believing in fiction, falsehood, fallacy, fable, forgery and outright LIE. Unfortunately THAT is the TRUTH.

    Keep up the good work Digger. The world needs more like you.

  4. So then who is it, let us in on the culprit that has destroyed America and the West. Don’t leave us hanging like that. Who is it whom you are referring to?

    • I presume you are being ironic – please tell us you are! If you haven’t worked this out, then you have to stay in Edward for an evening or two and do some basic homework.

      Good luck with your research. Please start with these two films, but the side bar information titled “Info on Jewish Hegemony’ will be a good start.

      Thank you for contributing

  5. Chris Bacon

     /  March 30, 2013

    Digger, the point is well taken. Just a couple of thoughts. It is no coincidence that the Rothschild symbol was that of the jewish people, proving that having a jew death cult of chosen people behind the scheme was necessary to hold monetary authority for millenia as the jews have done successfully, now completely dominating banking and all other facets of society. The jewish scheme is basically the supremacist dominator tribe ruling from on top, killing all enemies ruthlessly. It was first written down by the Levitical jewdiciary in Deuteronomy. The means to accomplish this kind of social control, besides terror, war, and assassination, was control of the money. So to say the crux is the bankers is partly true but banking stops short of identifying the jews who codified this system the whole world is now under. The only reason I would not nail the people saying it’s the bankers, is because, most people do not even understand the power of issuing currency or how the neolithic states got to where they be at today. To understand that the jews have controlled the money and the role of Christ in overturning their tables, is a crucial understanding. But your point is well taken. By the way, one of the few who tells it like it is about the jews is the former jew Brother Nathaniel, who you previously said you did not endorse because he was too quirky. However if it gets you all riled up about people not naming jews, well you oughta thank the Bro.

    • Thank you Chris,

      Yes we are aware the financial cabals are ultimately behind all of this on a physical realm. But we’re saying that money/mammon in usury form is just their tool/weapon for their demonic influence and control. AND THAT THEY ARE JEWISH. My point in this essay was really just to highlight how sick we are now of people not mentioning that all-important ‘J’ word.

      Thank you also for bringing up the point about Brother Nathaniel. I have now removed him from that list. But I still feel uncomfortable with him and his Jewish ways. I was infuriated with him the other day when he repeatedly interrupted the great Max French. Max was a total gentlemen with unbelievable tolerance.

      Your comments are appreciated – thank you for contributing.


      • Chris Bacon

         /  March 31, 2013

        I appreciate your explanation, Digger, which is as I thought too. Yes we do also need to point out the realm of mammon (such as McFadden did) along with the mythologies animating the jewish tribal sickness.
        A few thoughts about Brother Nathaniel. I did not find his ‘interruption’ of Max offensive at all because Nathaniel was brought on the show to talk about his journey out of a jewish background. As much as Max might try, he cannot see as deeply inside the jewish psychopathology as one who grew up in it hearing the scornful admonishments of the rabbis. The Bro was merely providing his correction when Max wanted to believe the jews had hearts underneath it all. Now whether they do or don’t is a good point to debate. Jews can discover their hearts and show us the way out of this wasteland of crazy rabbis ruling from on high. As Gilad and others have shown, ethnic jews are capable of universal understanding. And yet as Nathaniel points out, it would be naive to think their deception is close to melting. By their acts shall we know them.
        Nathaniel with Max mentioned he no longer believes a military coup in the US could change things. Nathaniel’s dropping that naive belief shows he is capable of changing his views, to his credit.
        One point I would debate with Nathaniel, is he believes only ‘the church’ can change jewry. But the church was not responsible for the transformation of Gilad Atzmon, for example. If we accept a broad metaphorical definition of ‘the church’ as liberated humanity, then the idea is valid. IMO, the soiution will require broad understanding more than reliance on any one messiah…now who among us will be the hundredth monkey.
        I might just add I disagree with those like Max who believe Hitler and the Nazis were a genuine counter movement to judaism. I also disagree with those who accept the Old Testament/Torah as word. That is beside the point here. There is alot of blending and bending within the people waking up to the problem of jewish domination. I don’t want to see anyone who is brainstorming a solution cut off from debate or censored. If opinions are sound, there should be no fear of talking to each other. May peace be unto you.

      • Thanks Chris

  6. Bod

     /  March 30, 2013

    I appreciate your attempt to focus the sheeple toward “home”. I wonder though, as I hear and read and see all the attempts in the “truther” or freedom movement, to expose “who” is really behind all of this – is this even relevant? I mean, so what if someone nails it on the head, everyone comes “clear” and knows the truth – what do we do about it? There are a lot of people who know this truth that your talking about. But what good is it doing us? What I don’t see a lot of, is constructive plans and discussion about what to actually do about the problem? Talking about it won’t do anything. At this point, I don’t think “they” give a crap that the “truth” is “out there” about them. Why is there so much talk about who they are, what they are doing to us, what they are going to do to us; instead of what we can do to end this cancer that is seriously afflicting the whole world. What is the answer? Is it violence – a revolution? Is it political, or economic, or? Frankly, history has shown that this satanic race has had to be ejected from the countries they have afflicted, for the country to be saved. But they have afflicted the whole world at this point. What now?

    So, my points are two: why aren’t the ones who claim to know the truth talking about solutions, instead of just endlessly talking about how “bad” these hellish creatures are; and second, what actually can be done about the problem NOW?

    • Welcome to DFT Bod,

      We can all hear the frustrations in your words. I know for sure you definitely could not have read sufficient amounts of my work, otherwise you would not have written this.

      My work is replete with SOLUTIONS – this a common theme of my posts and I am known for nagging :-). I have a two-pronged approach: PROPAGATE AND RESIST

      So I am with you Bod, you are so right. We absolutely have to go beyond tapping away on our keyboards in this cyber world. But, this just a part of the ‘development’, the stages. We have to build the numbers up first. I say for every 100 people, unfortunately only 1 wakes up, then out of all those 1’s only 1-100 will take action. So 15 of 1% are going to actually do something. 95% of people I have met who know all about this are passive Truthers. I call these people comfortable browsers.

      All that matters for now is we know WE ourselves are doing our bit and WE trying to motivate others.

      Thank you for contributing.


      • Chris Bacon

         /  March 31, 2013

        One answer to Bod is that there is a potent solution to the problem which he did not mention at all. That is transformation of jewry FROM WITHIN by the enslaved jews themselves. You might call it the liberation of jewry. This has always been a problem for the rabbis, who kept their cattle penned in ghettos to prevent self transformation through the normal feedback loops. Again I would point out Gilad Atzmon as a fine example of the solution. Consider this as a puzzle, Bod, but as you can see the results are solid and do not involve destruction, except of myths.

  7. Dian Razak

     /  March 30, 2013

    I ❤ YOU DIGGER !

  8. Romans70AD

     /  March 30, 2013

    Well said, and if I may say there is no harm swearing when speaking about the distraction put out by so many who claim to be ”truthers”. Most of them are the biggest fucking liars on the planet.

  9. 300 million Mass Murdered in just the last 100 years…by JEWISH ECONOMIC


    The only TERRORISTS [TRUTH HATERS] on Earth are the “JEWISH” stool sculpture deity cult members and their “LEADERS”….

    No One on Earth HAS to be a TRUTH HATER {jewish}…!

    {that is the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel}….John 8:32

    and the TRUTH is there were never any YIDDISH speaking Khazar [Japhetic] ASHKENAZIM “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism in the Old Testament..!

    and No One on Earth needs to worship the Toe of Ra any more than anyone needs to worship a stool sculpture…Duh !

    Seriously, if the so-called “Jews” are truly Hebrews…just put six million in an OVEN like Jesus said to do…@ Matthew 13 :37- 42 –

    “He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;
    The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;
    The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.
    As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.
    The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
    And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

    …if any “JEW” is really a Hebrew….they’ll come out just fine Like Shadrack Meshack & Obednigo….or God lied to Abraham and Jesus was not the Son of God…in Which case it will simply be a Matter of Self Defense…on Behalf of Mankind…and the Children of course.

    ….be a Messenger for Truth !

  10. Steven

     /  March 30, 2013

    Basicly you are saying that the Jews are the master minds behind most of the evil doing in the world. Behind the Jews is their favorite God AKA SATAN. Satan is their spiritual father and very few step away from the tribe and come to Jesus Christ inorder to be forgiven and saved. Much of the world has this problem and mostly out of custom , deception or ignorance but the Jews have no excuse what so ever. They reject Christ who is the son of god out of principle and religious doctrine. This means they are fanatical anti christs and a danger to all other people. They are a spiritual and biological Fukushima that needs to be contained, converted or rendered harmless.

  11. bargain bob

     /  March 30, 2013

    I hope the money junkie man M.R. reads this!

  12. AMEN! BROTHER! I know you are not just referring to Alex Jones. Yet I know that you know he is the Biggest PAYTRIOTS disinfo artists in this “Truth Movement.” Recently I became aware that was taken off wordpress. This is the message it gives you when clicking the site.
    ” This site has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
    For more information and to contact us please read this support document.”
    Of course you are not provided specifics of why the site was taken down. Such as if the content was libelous and opened them to law suites or something like that. Just one day the site was there and the next day it was gone. It is truly perplexing!
    Look yourself Mark Glenn and many others on WordPress have far more valid information. That is far more damaging to the “Bankers” and the “NWD” than this wanna be main stream media hack!
    Or maybe it is worth some time to expose this guy and that he might be a little more important to the agenda of (DARE I SAY IT!) the Jews than previously thought of!
    Anyway the site was archived then was put on a different site.
    This might be worth a gander for you and your other readers!
    By the way if read through it I am Mark From Kentucky. In case you are interested.

    • Welcome to DFT Mark,

      Thank you for your positive feedback.

      Interesting info on Jonesburg.

      Yea they’re getting panicky now, which of course makes them more dangerous, but then they will be making more mistakes.

      Thank you for contributing.


  13. aj

     /  March 30, 2013

    important distinctions and sound advice as always, Digger!

  14. joe

     /  March 30, 2013

    Thank Digger
    I’d like to ask your opinion.
    Of the 15 million (more or less) Jews in the world which ones would you say are the guilty ones? . The really suppressive ones who mean harm to the goyim ?. What would do with them if you were in charge ?.

  15. The Hebrew prophets nor the apostles knew who or what a Christian was.
    Hilter was one , most of the leaders in the world today claim to be Christian.
    Christianity is Satan master piece for deception.
    Its not NWO or JWO it is Satans rule that has brought us the world we live in today.
    The REAL MESSIAH did not have a PAGAN name. ( Jesus the Christ of the Christian religion)
    The Christian religion is to blame for all the woes in the world today. Headed by the Roman Catholic Church and her whore daugthers the protestants. Rev.17:5
    Cheer up it almost to come to its end.

  16. pk

     /  March 31, 2013

    Good one Digger! The whole truth is all I’m into, sifting truth from error; you are greatly contributing to this as well. The Divine is the person of the Creator Son of our local universe whose bestowal on our world as Jesus of Nazareth was an epochal revelation to our world and His Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of the Son, enshrouds our soul inside our own mind, the nucleus of the mind being the actual Divine Spirit of the Father, all emanating out of the core of our brain. And there are many more influential celestials and Spirits. Thus the body is the temple of the Divine spirit and our personality space suit; the light that lights up your life.
    The Urantia book has some of the most profound whole truths I have ever found in one piece of cosmic literature, and is a must read for those seeking the answers to all of life’s questions. For example, Douglas Reed wrote ” The Controversy of Zion” and begins with, “The start of this affair occured on a day 458 BC…the Judahites in Jerusalem were finally cut off from mankind and enslaved in a way they never new in Babylon.” Now, the UB says, in Paper 97 titled, The evolution of the God Concept among the Hebrews, that about this time in the past that:

    “With the overthrow of Necho by Nebuchadnezzar, Judah fell under the rule of Babylon and was given ten years of grace, but soon rebelled. When Nebuchadnezzar came against them, the Judahites started social reforms, such as releasing slaves, to influence Yahweh. When the Babylonian army temporarily withdrew, the Hebrews rejoiced that their magic of reform had delivered them. It was during this period that Jeremiah told them of the impending doom, and presently Nebuchadnezzar returned.

    And so the end of Judah came suddenly. The city was destroyed, and the people were carried away into Babylon. The Yahweh-Baal struggle ended with the captivity. And the captivity shocked the remnant of Israel into monotheism.

    In Babylon the Jews arrived at the conclusion that they could not exist as a small group in Palestine, having their own peculiar social and economic customs, and that, if their ideologies were to prevail, they must convert the gentiles. Thus originated their new concept of destiny — the idea that the Jews must become the chosen servants of Yahweh. The Jewish religion of the Old Testament really evolved in Babylon during the captivity.

    The doctrine of immortality also took form at Babylon. The Jews had thought that the idea of the future life detracted from the emphasis of their gospel of social justice. Now for the first time theology displaced sociology and economics. Religion was taking shape as a system of human thought and conduct more and more to be separated from politics, sociology, and economics.

    And so does the truth about the Jewish people disclose that much which has been regarded as sacred history turns out to be little more than the chronicle of ordinary profane history. Judaism was the soil out of which Christianity grew, but the Jews were not a miraculous people.”
    Happy are the meek for they shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. Whoever sows iniquity shall reap calamity; they who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind. Aloha

  17. Ingrid B

     /  March 31, 2013

    The best thing we can do, Digger, in my opinion, is to point people in the direction of tried, and trusted, websites, such as The Ugly Truth, there they can express an opinion, and if they are mistaken, someone will usually take the trouble to put them right. It also works both ways, if the person feels that someone else is mistaken, they have the opportunity to correct that person. Dialogue is extremely important..

  18. I do thank you for apologizing for your profanity as that’s a whole other obfuscation of our inherent power that is best expressed in ACTIONS. The expletives simply make one feel as if he/she has done something, which makes it easier to do nothing.

    That said? BRAVISIMO!!!!! And exactly what I espouse everywhere I go. Much patient strength to you and never let the cowards convince that a yellow stripe down the back is the latest fashion trend.

    • Welcome to DFT Ajali,

      Yep I hear your thoughts on swearing. It’s a rare expressive energy from how I used to be.

      Thank you for your support, thank you for contributing.


  19. AquaTarkus

     /  April 2, 2013

    The Knights Templar invented Banking. But just guess to what tribe they belonged to. Check out this jpeg on the Khazar timeline chronicle: Click on it to make it bigger. Not quite complete, but quite accurate. At least it shows the correct year this inbreed sub-species began. Look at what took place in the year 740 CE. That’s in my opinion when the problems truly began. The consolidation of a clan of total impostors and sociopathic dirtbags.

  20. ricsi

     /  April 2, 2013

    Well said !!! My thoughts entirely every time I see David Icke and his repetive books that copy others work and yet he claims ‘to have researched for over 25 years…’ yeah right and yet still cannot make the real connection? or will not ? after all money is more important and to reveal the source will cut the flow 🙂

  21. What are you major sources for the Jew cause of Humanities problems Digger? Having been researching myself for a decade or two I don’t see the problem as being as clear cut as that. There are a number of players in the game as far as I can see. But it would help to see what sources you have used to provide the most fundamental evidence of the Jewish cause of World en-slavery. Most gratefully.

    • FOR A DECADE OR TWO!! Are you kidding me Sansome?? 20 years and you STILL haven’t worked it out it’s the JWO. There is no hope for you. Why don’t you pop over to Alex Shill Jones site at info wars, if that’s your level of discernment and research. You people are dangerous to the movement. We have no patience for you at this stage in the game.

      And you want fundamental evidence. This whole site and all the links to other sites on the side bars are FUNDAMENTAL EVIDENCE. Look around you, do some elementary homework and that’s your fundamental evidence. My word you people are so draining. Read the protocols for a starter. Read the comprehensive archive material on my side titled “Info on Jewish Hegemony”.

      Anyway in your 20 years of research, who have you discovered it to be – little green aliens? THE JEWS are behind EVERYTHING. Behind every rock.

  22. sansome2012

     /  May 29, 2013
    • Hey sansome, you said goodbye last time, but you came back again.

      So my intuition served me right ‘again’. Your true colours shone through with your caustic self-reflected spleen. I knew it from our first communication.

      You don’t know my levels of compassion pal. You don’t know the risks and efforts I have gone to for compassion for others. I could write a book on my activities I have carried out with commitments to compassion for others over 30 years.

      So just GO. I don’t want your toxicity on this blog. Go on, sling yer hook. Some of us are too busy trying to do our bit to put up with your nonsense.

      and DO SOMETHING for the Truth, instead of poisoning us all with your filth.

      • Sorry Digger. You do make some good points. Empathy and compassion will win us all through when more of us can see it. Getting caustic leads us nowhere. Take care.

      • No hard feelings buddy. No hard feelings at all. You have depth of character to apologise.

        Sorry too for snapping. If you only knew the comments I get daily, it’s accumulative. If you only knew how draining this work is. The sacrifices one has to make to do this little blog. Violins out please :-). I genuinely am trying to help people, the situation.

        God bless, lets have a break and re-start again 🙂

        In kindness

      • Take a look at this video sometime.

      • Yes thanks sansome, I saw this a good while back

  23. We’ve got to keep at it bro. If we can be constructively critical without attacking each other it will help us all to edge our way closer.

    There is no doubt that we suffer external foes and a controlling Matrix. Some say the Zionist Jews, Some say Royal Bloodlines some say the Roman Empire is still alive and kicking, but in disguise.

    Some say the Egyptian Sun worshipping Brotherhood is behind it all. My point is not that there is not something seriously wrong with the picture…there is! My point is that the cause is not as easy to ascertain as some like to think (not saying you as such mate, just saying).

    I think there is a lot of truth in the Protocols of Zion, but we all have to know that the protocols were a rehash and edited and modernised version of the The Dialogue Aux Enfers Entre Machiavel et Montesquieu by Maurice Joly (although some try to argue it was the other way around), which in turn was inspired by Machiavelli;s The Prince. The Prince was written to spell out the ways in which the masses should be controlled and manipulated for the benefit of the young Medici ruler of Florence. These all spell out ways in which the people are enslaved. What is the cause, what is the source?

    On reading up about the Jews and what they did in History, it is often said they were kicked out of many countries by the leaders of the time. The argument went that they exploited the poor….yet it is notable that there was “already masses of poor people in those countries”, hence the real reason was that these comer inners were “stealing their slaves” in essence. All powerful people need masses of poor and less powerful to give them their power.

    Did the poor suddenly become richer when the Jews were kicked out? No! The Kings etc were just pissed that these new comers were better at exploiting than they were and that their investment was hence under threat.

    The truth of the matter is that the cess pit of evil greed and control is deliberately messed up. Zionist Jews are in the mix yes.

    On looking at a psycho/spiritual front…I think the Gnostics were onto something. The God of this world was/is an imposter and this deceit is behind a lot of control and evil.

    It is not easy to de-code, but I hope we will all continue to get closer.

    Some would say the answers lie closer to home..within the psyche/soul.

    Cheers Digger.

    • Thank you for this sansome,

      I am a it rushed, but in haste I will just say as one example England reached it’s highest potential in the 400 years from 1290 when the Jews were booted out. However I agree, there still was a hierarchal structure in place with peasants and ultimately people claiming authority over others. But it’s a case of behind EVERY rock, it’s always always the star of david with everything I have looked at.

      However, this is just on the physical level. I have often said metaphysically it goes much much deeper than ‘It’s the Jews’. The darkness is within us all.

      So we may be closer in alignment, than we think.

      Thank you for the interesting contribution, re the Protocols.

  24. Take a look at this too Digger.

    Blessings mate.

    • Thank you

      • Lots of commonality Digger. Just that at times we get stressed by our attackers and attach our responses, to the words of others with no such intent, with a similar vein. It is easy to get pulled in and see what we are feeling rather than what is sometimes being said. We all do it at times. What we are up against in all this is “the Opponent”.

        Some of the mystical elements discussed and sourced in the link above relate to where I am at these days. Of course we always seem to have to keep a foot in both worlds so to speak. But in summing up Mark Twain’s “The Mysterious Stranger” the quote from Sri Sankaracharya rings true here. The Mysterious Angel, named Satan in the book revealed that he too was an illusion (the opponent) and that the narrator and main subject in the book (which also is a substitute for the reader him/herself) was all that was real…and he was “but a thought”. A thought dreaming dreams.

        Its all good stuff brother. Glad we overcame that little hiccup. Yes we do indeed seem to be much more on the same page after all.

      • Nice one Sansome, thanks for your good intent. Yes I agree satan/the darkness – the great illusion.

        Thank you again for contributing.

  25. Who or what is this thing called God?
    What a rude awakening is in store for those whom Satan has deceived.
    The great apostle wrote in Rev.12:9 that Satan has deceived the WHOLE WORLD.
    Few really believe this statement.
    They think that this is talking about everyone but themselves.
    Remember what the REAL HEBREW MESSIAH said in Luke 24:25.
    Now you can remain deceived or you can spend the time and seek out the truth.
    Here is a great place to start to understand just how clever Satan really is.

    Click to access Booklet_Worship.pdf

    May the same Spirit that is Holy the Spirit that inspired the prophets and apostles to write to us and warn us of these days you and I are living in bless your understand in your search for truth.


  1. Toxic Truth | The Ugly Truth

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