A small act of compassion


A BIG thank you to Anon for sending us this post. A glimpse of optimism in this world of despondency can go a long way. This clip is a tribute to all the unsung heros out there who are doing these small acts of compassion in this world.


If this clip does not touch you – then I’m afraid you have been damaged by the system.


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Sentient beings


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  1. Steve

     /  March 28, 2013

    Beautiful – with so much evil, it is nice to see such wonderful human beings. Thanks!

    • Welcome to DFT Steve,

      Yes, this clip made me weep, in a nice way. Just to know these small acts of consciousness are out there.

      Thank you for contributing.

  2. At least that beautiful little dog did have a happy ending, phew – that’s a wonderful story Digger. Thanks to amazing dedicated people.

    We all know that there must be hundreds of pets who perish, never get found and nobody comes for them, that’s the sad thing. As the world gets sicker and crazier there will be so many more. And still the ignorant greedy breeders produce thousands upon thousands of substandard puppies and kittens and foist them on the public as a fashion item. So many animal charities are struggling and many have given up, they just can’t take any more rescues on. Pet owners can’t afford vet bills – and that’s not surprising as they are no different to the pharmaceutical industry now – prescribing expensive medication that doesn’t cure any disease – just manages symptoms. More and more people are likely to abandon their pets when they cannot feed them or care for them.

    Farmers can’t even feed themselves in order to feed their animals, and that’s just in parts of the UK. That’s a new development and it will get worse. We hear of huge number of cases of neglected and abandoned farm animals and very few charities that can rescue them. Charity foodbanks are everywhere now in the Britain for the poor who can’t afford food. It will not get better with a Monsanto/jew contrived global food famine marching mercilessly towards us.

    This doesn’t even cover hungry children in the Britain – a total disgrace in any country. We have a big problem on our hands folks.

  3. Egeria

     /  March 28, 2013

    I thank God for sending his angel rescuers to little blind Fiona, yet I get angry when I see He allows these defenseless creatures to suffer. Humans in their utter grief always find someone who cares for them, but animals are alone in their pain. Yes we might devote our lives to rescuing the human race, but that is because we humans need to find the way to the Light which Jesus had shown us by teaching us the importance of solidarity, as we have been led astray by a powerful enemy. Animals already are creatures of Light, whether preys or predators. They are on this Earth to mirror to us the struggle between Good and Evil. Dogs especially exist for us humans only – kindness to these little friends warms my heart.

    • Thank you Egeria for your beautiful comments. Thank you for caring enough about other sentient beings. Glad you’re on our team. Thank you for all your wonderfully informing information with the great Max French.

      Appreciate you bothering to contribute to this post

      • Egeria

         /  March 29, 2013

        Oh no, dear Digger, it is I who thank you for being the kind and caring human being you truly are. You enrich our lives daily and to visit your blog represents for me an oasis of prayer in this ever more nasty confrontation with the ways of the Beast. Be blessed my precious friend.

      • Thank you for your kindness Egeria

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