Roll-up sleeves k

How on earth can a group of people who are apparently two tenths of one percent of the population control near on every aspect of our lives?


How could that possibly be? Or more appropriately, how could we have allowed that to happen?


I really do not like to give ‘them’ credit, but it is an amazing feat – or is it? Is it really that amazing when we objectively look at the core reason why this situation has occurred.


To keep it nice n simple, I would say ….


The distinctive difference between the judaic mindset and non-Jew mindset is that – we are just trundling along in life and the collective Jews have an Modus Operandi.


I really do think it is that simple. At a core level, that is the simplicity of their control formula. They have a plan, a definitive goal, a direction in life and we don’t! That’s the clear difference between us. Not only that, but they know we have no MO. They see us as mere idiots, children, boats drifting through life without a rudder. And to a degree they are right thinking this. We are generally ignorant, even stupid and have a child-like naive trusting nature.


It’s not so much the collective Jews are any more smarter, or have potentially better qualities – it’s just that they are driven. And not just driven for personal gain, but driven for the bigger picture; their messianic collective dominance over us …..through stealth, deception and subversion.


But ……….


The tide is changing. Some of us awkward goy have got a sniff of what’s going on. We’re slowly gradually getting it. We’re beginning to wise up that this is not how life is meant to be. Where some groups of people have a presumed superiority over us. That these special people with better genes and membership to an elite club, do not in fact have any grounding for authority and control over us.


And they know damn well that enough of us are now getting it. The awakening is beginning to happen, slowly but surely day by day more and more of us are smelling the coffee. AND we ain’t ‘aving it. Some of us are actually daring to say “NO – stick your presumed authority. Prove to me that you somehow have the right to control me and tell me how I should and should not live my life.”


There is a rumbling. We now have our MO. We are beginning to embrace our God-given right for our own sovereignty. This is the fundamental mental shift which is lethal for their JWO plan. They had not factored in CONSCIOUSNESS. That is what’s happening on a global scale and it is the unstoppable consciousness tsunami.






That is why they are so desperate now to spew out their ubiquitous demonology (low level magic) through their symbology and numerology. It’s almost like a last minute dash attack of the confronted bully.


Due to too many people now being able to see through their deception (those deceptive tricks which have served them well in the past); they are now having to rush through their agenda, and they are making mistakes. Also for the first time ever on a global level they are having to back track some of their plans. These days things are just not going smoothly for this demonic clan…..thanks to us awkward non-compliant ones.


So what is our Modus Operandi? What should it be?

  • Stand up for others who are being suppressed
  • Stand up for ourselves
  • Be on the side of goodness, light and Truth
  • Come from a spirit of Divine duty – embracing our spiritual opportunity
  • Simply just doing what is right, just because we should
  • Having a collective-consciousness approach – we’re all in this together
  • Adopting endurance, tenacity, courage, determination, detachment, humility and wisdom


This is a battle of mind games and energy powers. We have the ability, we have the resources, we certainly have the potential numbers. All we need is enough of us to wake up to what’s happened, overcome fear, engage in a directed spiritual mindset and embrace our own MO. All this is doable and is beginning to happen.



So let’s just roll up our sleeves, with our new MO and get this job done



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  1. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  March 28, 2013

    Let’s do this!!!!

  2. Stop Chasing Ghosts

     /  March 29, 2013

    Yes! Yes! I agree with every single thing that you just said. My dad says that thanks to the Internet, they cannot hide the lies any more. Hopefully with websites like yours and mine we can make a dent in the official narratives that are falsehoods. There are a lot of doom and gloomers saying that WWIII will take us out soon, or that the World will cease to exist in a year’s time due to geo-engineering and whatnot. Are these people just shills trying to get us down? Who knows, but, there are a couple interesting things happening in the world right now with a possible war in Syria and the possible eminent collapse of the banks in Europe. Stay tuned, guys.

    • Thank you SCG, appreciate you bothering to give me feedback. I’m a flip-flopper. I have my optimistic days and despondent days. I’m staying neutral. I just say we have the chance, it is doable, but all have to pull our finger out.

      • Stop Chasing Ghosts

         /  March 29, 2013

        I have my up and down days too. We all need a reason to life, whatever that reason is. I wrote my Jew World Order article because one of my friend called me the old ad hominem “anti-Semite” when I tried telling him about Jews. Did I ruin some friendships along the way during my quest for truth? Absolutely. Even if my friends do not believe me now, I planted the seed of truth that will hopefully allow them to see the light at a later time.

        So after I wrote my Jew World Order article for my friends to prove my claims to him, I opened my website. My goal was to spread the knowledge that I had gained over the years and change at least one person’s outlook on life. After thousands of visitors to my site in a couple months I think I have achieved that goal. I am sure you have too.

      • Your friend/s may be able to answer these queries???

        Well done for doing your bit

      • 1bigcree Shadowhawk

         /  March 29, 2013

        Good on you! And good luck! we are all pebbles hitting the pond causing many ripples.

      • Thank you again Val

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