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And there are those of us who actually had some hope in Putin. 



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  1. I never thought Putin was genuine. It’s all part of the dialectic. Communism never left the world, it was for the West to let their guard down.

  2. Hi Digger, please just consider below:
    Video translated into polish, but with Russian original text and commenting voice „miedwieputy” – investigation of russian journalists. Documents taken from archives showing who is Szełomow, known to the world as Putin and who is Mendel, known as Miedwiediew.

    and a visit at wailing wall (2012)

    citations from comments of Russians under this video
    1.“Б. Лазар рассказал, что вместе с В.Путиным они молились «за многонациональную Россию».”
    B. Lazar (self-appointed chabad) „chief rabbi” of Russia told that together with V.Putin they prayed “for international Russia”
    2. ПУТИН МОЛИЛСЯ ЗА МОШИАХА (Putin Prays At Western Wall For Moshiach)
    Hope is human power to achive great things, but often is also worse than deception.
    greetings and Sursum Corda!


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