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This image of the money-grabbing Jew has been a common theme throughout the ages. The money lenders confronted in the temple by Jesus, to the endless banking schemes crippling society today. All of it Jewish usury, compound interest – fiat currency with interest on top of interest with built in debt. Designed to ultimately create loss and poverty.

That’s the image most people have when they think of Jews – always in the money, always this snatch n grab attitude to their beloved shekels. Even people who haven’t got a clue about this agenda know the Jewish ways.

However for those of us who have done a bit of digging, and bothered to find out what on earth is going on in this world. We soon cotton on that beyond the lower level Jews, there is a bigger picture at hand. It soon becomes obvious that money and more precisely usury is just a tool; a weapon to gain real wealth. A sneaky way to pilfer tangible assets from humanity. Things such a precious metals, forests, minerals, property, land and even people.

However for those of us who dig deep enough into this agenda soon realise that beyond this mid range Jewish mindset, there is in fact another layer. That all this snatch n grab is really about gaining power. Control over assets = control over the goy. To consume our wealth is to disempower us. And we begin to see a bigger picture and how this fits into whole JWO game plan of world domination over the Gentiles.

When we stick at this agenda long enough we can’t help seeing that all this fleecing of wealth and power control, is really a pathologic disorder. Most of us at some point go beyond just thinking these criminal Jews are insecure – we all end up coming to the conclusion that they are in fact psychotic. That they are deranged, mentally unstable – sociopaths.

There is a meme within the Truth movement along these lines with many books out there expressing in great detail this pathological mindset of the ‘global elitists’. I think this is pretty much one of the only things we all agree on.

However this tends to be the end of line for most people. Understandably most people don’t go beyond this discussion point. It does not get much attention. This is fair enough, because after all, this is provable subject matter and anything else is just here say and speculation.

But sometimes things in life do go beyond cold hard facts and the world of matter. For one to do that, one has to step across the line and enter into the world spirituality.




Until we make that spiritual leap and become inclusive of the esoteric realms – we will NEVER fully understand the true nature of this beast.

This whole conspiracy can only be understood within an energetic/spiritual dimension. In a nutshell consciousness energy verses demonic energy.

And I fully accept and understand this is too much for most people to grasp. If it can’t be proved, then I’m not interested attitude. Many of us initially may have been at that level ourselves.

But it’s one of those strange things that until you get it, you don’t get it. For those of us who have got it – there is absolutely no turning back to the world of matter, as far as our full comprehension of this battle. We have no doubts whatsoever that we are involved in a spiritual warfare.

We still recognise that we must awaken people to the basic levels of this agenda – the nuts n bolts of: the police state, the finances, 9/11, the endless wars, etc. This type of information is essential to wake up new people. But as far as a deeper understanding to why all this carnage is going on; we have to go beyond seeing it all as just simple human greed.



In conclusion

Here are the three levels of Jewish mindset or social structure and beyond:

Level 1 – Money Scheming lower level Jewish ways. The lawyers, solicitors, pawn brokers, etc.

Level 2 – Wealth Money laundering mid range Jews, globally scooping up lots of physical assets. The diamond merchants, bankers, insurance schemes, etc.

Level 3 – Psychopathy The sociopathic mindset of world destruction and domination. Political levels, high financial capitalists, interbreeding family cabals.


All these three levels have one common denominator. The criminal Jew must always be in a position of control over non-Jews.




The esoteric realm demonic/occult/satanic dark energy. The world of spirituality, beyond matter.


This spiritual battle is old as the hills. It is simply about demonic dark entities verses Divine consciousness


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  1. Hi Digger,
    that’s exactly what one has to realize. I’m personally got the problem described above – still can’t divide these two realms. I can’t get rid of hate towards jews seeing everydays deeds of this tribe. Tomorrow I’ll write more about this.
    Thanks for these ideas to think for people
    greetings Andrzej

    • Dear Andrzej,

      We totally understand your feelings. We all have been there and on odd days we still feel this strong compulsion. After all we are facing evil. But this is ALL energy at a deep level. We must not become this energy. We must not resonate with this negative vibration. Otherwise this ‘force’ has got us – just like the Jews have become this force.

      Our approach has to be that we try and be detached – always responding to this situation, never reacting. That’s how we’ll beat this force.

      Thank you for your translations. Thank you for sharing your honesty. Thank you for contributing.


  2. Hi Digger,
    Yesterday there was late at night when I published the translation of this essay and I have to end up my comment.
    At first, I must explain that “wMordechaj” and “Pluszowy Miś” is the same person. I’ve changed previous nick ‘cos came to me “gradually as to a giraffe” that this nick sb could take as if a name of a jew. In my native language first part “wMorde” means “hit straight in the face” but it’s a Polish idiom, now I got a nick that means just “teddy bear”.
    I don’t write directly to Your mail ‘cos our site, StopSyjonizmowi is under strict monitoring and please don’t write emails to us by reason of Your own security.
    I was out for 4 mths because of my professional work. As You know I’m a lawyer and this essay and what You’ve written down in the comment go side by side with what I’m seeing on my own eyes. Of course I agree lawyers etc. are at 1st level of jewish control, many of us from various reasons, first of all – kind of “education” and promoting the idea I AM-ISM, as You put down very clear. That’s true. It’s not kind of “sweeting”, but sincerely You’ve got a rare gift – putting down complicated things by using simple ideas, maybe not so simple, as they seem at first sight.
    I was never doing my work through the prism “having as much as I can” like most lawyers do. Always got the impression “doing sth because of”, “in the name of…”, just because that this work I percepted as serving people, never just for money. I realized that sth “is stinking in the state of Denmark” ca 3-4 years ago. That my work have really no sense at all. In the name of REALLY what? Only a kind of impression, the big illusion, I can state that today.
    2 ys ago I’ve found this Polish site and very soon I realized what are the Answers. Protocols I’ve read as I was 22-23. That was long ago. My father told me about “the chosen” many times. But real wisdom comes to us with many Springs that are behind us. Now I’m in a very strange point of seeing the “jewish problem”. In a few words, mostly I “react” with laughing at what they tell, do or state, just laughing “wmorde” – straight in the face, sometimes still “react” waking up the dark force, hate. My wife has got really not easy life with a nut like me. I admire her absolutely “stony” attitude, exactly like a stone, she can watch jewish tv, advertisement, all of these propaganda and…it makes no harm to her. She believes no word they told and she is calm. I’d like to be like this, but still cannot. Attachement.
    You say, never react, right. Tell a case from my practice. In Poland the environment, I mean forests, lakes, etc. are nearly all in the hand of state (mean jews of course), there is practically no situation – no trespassing. You can freely enter a forest, take mushrooms, etc. provided you are behaving like a human being.
    Lately (4 mnths I was out) I was defending “the common law to use the lake”. Sounds paradoxically? A jew who bought a palace at the lake wanted to steal a lake. When people came to me and told me that, I just couldn’y believe. How it can be? I understand, you can steal money, a car, but how can sb steal a lake? After 4 mnths we’ve won the case and moreover I met a lot of Polish with normal reason (I mean clerks, judges) but still cannot understand – how can anybody steal a lake? Can You?
    I don’t believe that we’ll beat this dark jewish force, but I KNOW, maybe I won’t see that day of happiness of Mankind, but my son will. There’s nothing more important than this and more and more people begin to understand that, thanks to people like You.
    Thank You for Your great work, it really serves people.
    Take from our Polish readers and me best wishes. Tomorrow is the symbolical day, the day of the Resurrection of Jezus. Let it will be our resurrection from this ugly jewish dust.

    • Dear Pluszowy,

      Thank you for your informative comment and kind supportive words.

      Hideous about that Jew wanting to buy that lake. Disgusting that they think they can purchase nature like a commodity. “That cloud is mine” Only a materialist will think in that way. We’re proud of you for winning the case. Well done of behalf of all of us.

      Thank God you are on our team.

      Thank you for all you are doing, all your translations. By the way, you are not a nut.


  3. munnyhunny

     /  November 18, 2014 Bill Still notice of Parliament debate 20 November 2014 A.M. on who should create money

    The Money Creation and Society debate is being hosted by Steve Baker
    (Conservative), Caroline Lucas (Green), Michael Meacher (Labour), Douglas
    Carswell (UKIP), and David Davis (Conservative).

    Click to access Backbench-Briefing-Note.pdf

  1. Zrobić krok…… i przekroczyć Rubikon | Stop Syjonizmowi
  2. Zrobić krok...... i przekroczyć Rubikon - Wolna Polska - Wiadomości

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