an opening into opportunity

Storms hits Penzance


Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law.”
The Buddha


In order to work for peace, we should have an adequate sense of detachment from the results of our work. If we are going to get agitated when there is a reversal, we ourselves will become violent. As we know, sometimes even demonstrators against violence become violent.

To paraphrase the wise words of the Buddha, “Violence will not cease by violence. Violence ceases by nonviolence. This is an unalterable law.” In order to win over opposition, we have to be serene and compassionate. Most of us look upon defeat and reversals as weakening us; but when we are defeated it is possible to go deeper into our consciousness to bring out greater resources. Mahatma Gandhi was at his best when seemingly defeated. He used to say that he struck his hardest bargains from prison.

Defeat is found very often in the lives of selfless people as an opening into opportunity. When you follow the spiritual path, living for others, there come to you increased challenges, to make you go deeper and deeper into your consciousness. If there were no difficulties, you would only be skimming on the surface of life. Gandhi, in a rare statement in which he gave himself away, said, “I love storms.”

~ Eknath Easwaran


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  1. “…have an adequate sense of detachment from the results of your work”. We need to repeat this to ourselves every day because it is profound, yet simple, wisdom. We can only do our best and leave the results in God’s hands. Whether victory, setbacks, or defeat, we keep trudging forward to be followed by a new generation of truth-tellers and on and on it will go. History is long. This current age of destruction, decay, and degeneration will someday pass on into something different. Hopefully, the truthers of today are laying a foundation so that the future will be a time of truth, not lies, beauty, not ugliness, generosity of spirit, not greed, honoring life, not murdering it.

    • Thank you Patty,

      As always, so grounded in pragmatism and positivity.

      Thank you so much for your inspiration intelligent contribution.


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