My Baby Things Boys Toe Warmers

Time for celebration. New life. Rejoice to birth. A new generation to the family, to the community. A positive event of hope, to look forward to the future, a continuation. Something for us all to welcome and be happy.

Well, I say all of us. There are one or two of us who secretly think to ourselves …….is it really a time to congratulate and rejoice?? Another poor victim to be suppressed under this oppressive judaic regime.

I know that’s brutal and many would say a negative outlook – but at present it is reality.

That’s the problem with us humans, especially these days; we don’t like to talk too much about realities. About what could be, how things really are and the potential negative sides – we dare not because then that would bring up the distasteful Truths of life to the surface.

No – we are supposed to celebrate life, that’s normal, that’s natural, so we just all automatically do. I think, celebrating a new born coming into a beautiful environment, a world where there is abundance, global peace, where people have unconditional love and respect for each other would be a time for celebrations.

But to bring a child into this existence – I feel is a level of insanity, which I can’t begin to express. I think it is a level of child abuse – cruel and thoughtless.

Here are some reasons why I have such strong opinions:

Pre-birth – the poor thing is exposed to de-natured toxins via the food and environment the mother is inducing. Embryonic child abuse.

When the child is born, often within hours the dumbed down educated idiot of a white coat gives it some sort of toxic medication. More a matter of procedure. The child abuse process has begun.

Then the poor child is immediately exposed to the pollution of this modern day world: the environmental pollution of chemtrails, electromagnetic pollution, heavy metals, plasticides and possible de-natured milk substitutes. The beginnings of child abuse.

Not to mention the madhouse of new-normals thrust upon the wee thing as far as television, radio, computers, doublespeak, parental and others indoctrination. Oh dear – the mind control has begun. Watered down child abuse.

Then this small delicate package, with it’s small delicate immune system must endure more white coat treatment – the dreaded deadly vaccines. The poor thing. Why do you think it naturally screams!? A surge of potent toxins to totally degrade it’s vulnerable immune system, effecting it for years. Mass attack on the cellular system, and natural defense system. More insanity!! Nothing but child abuse.

Then mummy and daddy take little one to the local swimming baths were it must endure more exposure to chemical toxins – toxic chlorine, not to mention the fluoridation and more. The skin being the largest organ lapping this liquid toxicity, feeding into all the other organs. More insanity. Child abuse.

Then we have all the modern day lotions and potions mum and dad ply their new born with. More toxins – conditioners, soaps, bubble baths, shampoos, skin lotions, and sun creams. What sublime cruelty. Wot child abuse.

As the poor child enters ‘society’, it must become a member of this society; therefore naturally it must become registered. Well that’s what you do isn’t it – everyone knows that – everyone registers their child – that’s normal. This biological miracle is thus transformed from a beautiful natural sovereign being to a number. It is formally given a digit, and a LEGAL entity. From the reality to the illusory corporate world. From the real to the unreal. From lawful common law to legal maritime/contract law. A member of the legal society.  Now the poor thing is really stuffed! It’s now owned by this corrupt kosher state. Child abuse.

Sooner or later the indoctrination process must be intensified by bringing the child to pre-school (early stage mind control centre), where the normalization process of doublethink, double talk must commence. Of course none of the parents realise this because they too have been put through this system and are so far gone themselves that this child abuse is perfectly normal – perfectly normal.

They too believe in the system, as they are the system. They believe they are fictional entities through their legal fiction. They believe they are their artificial identities through their slave title, income bracket, type of accent, location, sex, age, colour and have fallen hook, line and sinker for the illusion of matter (Maya) and body consciousness. They believe this existence to not only be normal, natural but actually REAL – ha.

The poor child absorbs it’s new asylum environment as normal. Maybe deep down it knows, maybe deep down it’s inner wisdom is saying This is insanity – this is a nuthouse.

Then in-between this indoctrination center it meets all the socialized people around it who also all accept this illusory nonsense – relatives, friends of mum and dad, neighbours. All happy to accept this crap, all who just going along to get along.

Soon comes the day when the mind control must be upped. The mind control must get formal. Trusty mum and dad send off their little cherub to their local mind control centre in the form of junior school. Now things are getting serious. The unformed brain must have any level of natural critical thought development weaned from it’s system. Layer upon layer upon layer must be eliminated. This critical thinking, creative seed must be destroyed from the offset. The child must become a good slave of the kosher system and learn to think left brain, conform, conform, conform. ……..child abuse.

If this level of mind control is not enough, these poor little darlings are now being subjected to the dreaded HOMEWORK – at junior school level. My word, this is cruelty – and no one can see it.

All creative thought, critical thinking and consciousness must be eradicated.







Then this process goes forward and deeper. Eventually the subjected sentient being moves on and upwards to the secondary school. Now depending on how much slave vouchers and what breeding mummy and daddy have, it will determine what type of mind control the child is subjected to. If the child is of lower gene pull; of mere working class slave parents, then an ordinary secondary school will do. Yet if this legal fiction happens to come from special breeding, from better people, then it will be subjected to posh indoctrination. Where the child is primed to enter society to be intermediates in the system, where they can control others better to serve the criminal Jews better.

Conditions are more apt to produce a better slave in these posh mind control centers. Mind you, this means mummy and daddy must be good little slaves within the kosher system to afford such luxury for their offspring slave and must knuckle down inside this social stricture. If they want to abuse their child under better conditions, they had better well abide by the kosher societies rules.

But for the average Joe slave, it’s more about getting churned through the standardized sausage factory of conditioning, programming, propagandized indoctrination. Gradings, certificates, badges, levels, exams, tests, assessments – judged, compared and categorized slavery. All prepped for the big slave system out there. CHILD ABUSE!

Of course alongside all this mind control, the continual exposure to environmental toxins is ever present. Plus the intermittent drugging of children through the trusted drug pushers in white coats. You know those educated idiots who know nothing about real health, just chemical toxins and technology, who only think in terms of suppressing diseases, cutting out, burning, and replacing natural organs with plastic gadgetry. Those new priests who are rewarded by this society who everyone is supposed to look up to.

As the child goes through this secondary education; as if the days mind control and de-consciousness sessions were not enough, the poor child is subjected to more homework, homework, homework.

None of it real education, real history. None of it wisdom, or real life skills. Just pure conditioning to become a better slave, or another dumbed down subservient non-thinker of the criminal judaic system. Child abuse.

Whilst all this is going on, the victim is further exposed to outside curricular activities (just more mind control), through the competition conditioning. You must compete – my child must be competitive. Win, win, win, survive, beat others. Trample on others. You are separate to others – so beat them. Them and us mindset of the dreaded football, hockey, sports sports sports. More bullshit. What about personal self development? – Oh no, gotta have competition, coz competition beats everything. Child abuse.

Then the minds are further tampered with, through the endless modern day IT. Information Technology will save the day. Yes, IT is the future, it will solve all our ills. Gaming, computers for homework, texting, ipads, tablets and dare I mention it – THE TELEVISION. All child abuse.

Then if that lot ain’t bad enough abuse. Society has further indoctrination – yet more mind control through colleges and universities. Become more controlled through choice of mind control subjects, to become a better slave. Or fill the gaps where society is unable to provide you with a slave position. Youth abuse.

Then those that are fortunate to get some slave position in this sick deranged society, we have COURSES. Oh yes, lots and lots of various courses. How to be a refined slave, think like a good slave, act like a good slave and keep other slaves in line by becoming a slave conditioner yourself. Slaves controlling the slaves. Insanity, but the reality.

Then eventually many of these mind controlled products of the system will socialize and hit it off and bring their own offspring into society.

Yessss, fabulous news! Another slave. Let’s celebrate.




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  1. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  March 21, 2013

    Congratulations indeed! To you Digger for being able to rise ‘above’ the parapet or better; to go out of body for a more objective view of this most inconvenient and ‘ugly truth’. As Mark Twain aka Samuel Clements once said: ‘Yeas the truth will set you free; but first it’ll make you damned uncomfortable!’

    • Thank you Val yet again for your positive feedback. By the way – I actually do love babies, I think they’re cute. I just think it’s such a shame the world they have to come into.

      Thank you for contributing.

      • 1bigcree Shadowhawk

         /  March 21, 2013

        I love little children! As they represent the most beautiful thing in their innocence and unconditional love. Born with a heart of gold and ‘Way of the world; makes their heart so cold’.
        That is an extract of an Earth Wind & Fire classic ‘Way of The World’ 1974.

  2. You are so right, Digger. Every time I am invited to a wedding I despair as I know it won’t be too long before they’ll be planning a baby. The absolute disgrace is the numbers of disabled, sick and deformed babies that are born into lives of hell and waste because the parents are infertile (because of toxic modern living). So those brainwashed whitecoats will pump them full of drugs and offer them unnatural methods like IVF and IXCI and even using a complete stranger’s sperm or eggs – at vast expense to themselves and/or the taxpayer. NHS 2005 figures of success for IVF were 22.6% – and they actually included miscarriages as a success in that figure. Later figures are somewhat better 2009 – 32% if under 35 for a live birth. Sadly these are not healthy babies – they have greater chances of spina bifida, cerebral palsy, deformities and allergies and digestive problems when older.

    It’s bad enough creating a healthy baby into this world – if it’s a goy, then it could be a very short life, or a life of toxic slavery at best. But to promote sick poisoned babies to ignorant parents is yet another judaic evil.

    I am grateful I never had children to have to worry about their future.

  3. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  March 21, 2013

    Am in total agreement with spicegirl. Love is a wonderful thing and love between a man & woman is naturally & beautifully expressed between them in the act of copulation. However I wish more people were as wise as she and exercise some common sense here. Nothing wrong at all with being in love and expressing it in such a way, but having children in this world at present should be heavily considered and in most cases foregone as to not burden a new life nor the couple with the constant abuses, attacks form the Jewish matrix of parasitism and anti humanism.

    • Val you are UNFORTUNATELY correct!

      • 1bigcree Shadowhawk

         /  March 21, 2013

        Yes, I wish it weren’t so. But it is what it is. And we must acknowledge it if we ever hope to eventually be free, truly free & independent. That comes with responsibility; individual and collective. The sooner people begin to realize this inconvenient fact the better. Otherwise we will stumble along in life wondering what the hell is wrong, when the solution rests in our own hands and conscience.

  4. Matthew/Boston

     /  March 27, 2013

    “That’s the problem with us humans, especially these days; we don’t like to talk too much about realities. About what could be, how things really are and the potential negative sides – we dare not because then that would bring up the distasteful Truths of life to the surface.”

    Even as a teen back in the 1970’s. For a couple of years I hung-out with a group that numbered between about eight and sixteen, depending on that days circumstances. They were nearly all a couple of years older than me. Any creative thought I would express was often mocked or ridiculed. Funny, looking back, none of them ever made interesting observations. So this is the culture growing up in America. Stifle individuality. Never encourage free or different thinking. Hold it against the next man if he does have unique ideas. Force conformity!

    It’s a shame and a waste to have experienced that environment in my creative and formative years. We’d likely be better off if free thinking was encouraged in truth and not only as they say it is.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Yes, I think we’re talking about the subject what Orwell termed as ‘Groupthink’. This is essentially FEAR-based.

      Ohh how things really could be, had we all not fallen for pier pressure and social engineering.

      Thank you again for contributing.


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