Demolition Crew


As a carpenter I’ve been involved in the building industry on and off for most of my working career. From time to time, part of this work entails taking down old structure before we build new. It’s often termed ripping out. Removal of existing fittings can sometimes be a bit of an art form, carefully dismantling certain structures which affect sensitive areas which need to be maintained.


Aesthetic facades, complex units of services, computer installations, antiquities, and general supportive structures.


Probably half the work I’ve had to take down, has been my mistakes ;-). But seriously, you do learn after a while that demolishing a structure needs a bit of thought and planning and aptly applied technique. Otherwise it can go horribly wrong.


The first objective is knowing about the structure. What is it made of? Are there any architectural drawings to show it’s hidden structures. Do we need to consult experts, such as engineers, and technicians for expert advice? How will it affect associated buildings, logistics of the operation and the safety aspects.


But in general terms, once we are past the analytical stages; we ultimately are looking for that weak point in the structure. It could be a crumbling section in the brickwork, a tiny corner of a panel, an unsupported element of the construction. But that’s our starting point.


This stage is usually not very aggressive, it’s more about poking around for these weak spots with an old screwdriver, just to gently prise open an area. Just enough to get a crow bar in.


Then once we have our initial opening, we can begin to get stuck into the dismantling process with our trusty crow bar. Vigorously yanking away the panel with commitment; beginning the process of breaking down sections of the structure. One panel at a time, one brick at time.


That’s the stage we’re now at with the Truth movement. We’ve done our structural surveys, identified the weak points, and enough of the fine screwdriver work. Now is the time to get stuck into the rip out stage. We are the demolition crew with our metaphoric crow bars. It’s up to us now to begin to dismantle the decaying destructive prison walls of separatism and oppression.


We are ready for this stage. And these big boys know it too. They can hear the unsettling sounds of our crow bars, enthusiastically prising open sections of their control grid. They know they can’t just patch up one or two areas as they’ve been able to do in the past. This time things are different. There’s too many of us now, too many crow bars and we’re too defiant.


It’s time to build new. A completely new structure, a new social environment – a time to tear down and construct a new world.

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