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I have had my fill of this judaic oppressive enslavement and darkness, and I am compelled to express it in the best way I can.

I desperately want to make some level of positive change out there; even if that means only affecting a few people’s lives and outlook for the better.

I only ever claim to be someone ‘having a go’; doing my bit to make some level of impact, in order to reduce the suffering and cruelty in the world. I have a two-fold approach:

(i)  propagate the unadulterated real Truth

(ii) resistance to this oppressive tyranny

And I try to motivate others to do the same.

I also encourage people towards critical thinking and always aim to get to the root cause of any issue. I completely discourage half-Truth at any level.

I am passionate about getting the Truth out there, in order to resolve this judaic onslaught and darkness on society. And I have put my heart and soul into my blog and other forms of activism. There is nothing more important in my life than getting the Truth out there in order to find solutions to this global judaic tyranny. I am a total devotee to the Truth.

I am diametrically opposed to hatred, revenge and all destructive energy – unconsciousness. Therefore I aspire to spiritual individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi, Badshah Khan*, Jiddu Krishnamurti as actual physical examples in human form who have resisted the dark forces in their lives.

With any aspects of my work, if I find I have made mistakes, provided false information, or given an inappropriate delivery; I will aim to apologise and make amends.

In general terms my approach comes from a more emotive, reflective and intraspective outlook. I am happy to step aside to allow the serious researchers and analysts cover topics such as history, geo-politics, current affairs, finances, sciences, medicine, etc.

I am not an academic; just a reflective, critical thinker; I am not really a researcher, nor a writer – I’m a scribbler. I gain my opinions through observational life experience, reflective analysis, and intuitive perception.

Over the years I’ve learned to trust what I term as our ‘Trilogy’ – head, heart and gut feeling (intuition). It usually serves me/us well.

I deliberately repeat themes in order to allow for new comers to the Truth and new readers of my work. Plus repetition is the mother of all learning.

Much of my work is about making an intraspective synopsis of the root causes and covering elements of the bigger picture. This usually results in categorizing much of what I observe. For example I have a whole page devoted to “10s” where I make listings. I think this is very important and useful for people. It helps provide both new comers and even long-term Truthers with an overview of the various aspects of this agenda; like a carrot for them to do their own research at a deeper level. I feel we are at information overload now; and this detached overview style of presenting information is essential and appropriate.

I don’t describe my posts as articles, but just short essays and ‘ditty’ style pieces, in order to accumulatively help provide an impression of the realities of life and this agenda.

In general terms I see the ZEOS (Zionist/Elite/Organised/Supremacist) Jews as the key players on the ‘physical’ plane (matter/exoteric), being used by demonic entities (esoteric) in the spiritual realms. More specifically I see judaism as a host, or conduit/vehicle for dark energy/forces, which have had various labels throughout cultures and ages (satan/djinn/auras).

This whole agenda at a deep level is about

Consciousness vs demonic entities

The Divine vs satan/djinn/auras


Goodness vs evil


Light vs darkness

Even though I pay much attention to judaic hegemony; I adamantly express that we ALL have played our roles to get us in the position we now find ourselves. We have been, and are in a symbiotic relationship with these ZEOS Jews/ this dark force. We have played the victim role, by allowing the bully to bully us. We must acknowledge this and take full responsibility for our collective actions and non-actions.

I firmly see the solution to this global suffering being us ALL as individuals, collectively addressing our fundamental connection to a higher spirit/The Divine and ‘true’ spiritual values. Connecting up to the main grid.


Essentially I feel the world needs to wake up, clean up and pure up


Until we address this root cause of us having drifted from core spiritual values; I cannot see ANY physical actions alone which will address our global problems.


It is not so much that we need to be absorbed in the Truth movement, but more accurately – immerse ourselves in the Absolute Truth movement. 


I have so much respect for true spirituality; viewing spirituality as being the most pragmatic solution to our physical problems.

Although I resonate to true spiritual/religious scriptures. I do not associate with any one discipline. I gain much inspiration from the Vedic philosophy as my main influence, supported by other spiritual influences such Sufi philosophy. I describe this as my spiritual bubble bee approach.

I see the sentiments of spirituality/religion having been subverted and polluted, just like everything in this polluted society. Where most so-called religious people have become entangled in separatism and false identities (IAMism).


Our lack of TRUE spiritual values/religion is the ROOT cause of all of our personal and global issues


Therefore I wholeheartedly concur with Gandhi’s oft quoted statement that We need to become the change we want to see in the world.

We as collective individuals are both the problem and solution to this JWO agenda.




  • I don’t really class myself as a researcher or writer, more of a non-academic scribbler, ‘having a go’, trying to help
  • I am passionate about the Truth – i am a devotee to the Truth
  • I have a two-fold approach of propagation and resistance  and try to motivate others to do the same
  • I have no time for half Truths, and endless symptoms; only the ROOT cause
  • I am opposed and completely discourage hatred and revenge
  • If I provide false information or poor delivery, I will apologize and amend
  • I am happy to step aside for serious researchers and analysts, and prefer to concentrate on the emotive/intraspective aspects
  • Much of my work is based on objective experiential intuition (my trilogy)
  • My delivery/style of posts are in synopsis form; offering flavors and hints – the ball for others to run with it.
  • I repeat themes, to allow for newcomers, as well as help the learning process
  • I write essays and ditty-type posts as opposed to lengthy fact-laden articles
  • I see ZEOS Jews behind this agenda, who are physical hosts for demonic entities
  • I see this whole JWO as consciousness vs demonic entities – Light vs darkness
  • I say that we are ALL to blame for the mess we are in. We allow the ZEOS to bully us.
  • I see the root cause and solution to this tyranny is for all of us to become self-disciplined, clean up and have a Divine connection – before we can start to begin doing physical action
  • My emphasis is on the Absolute Truth more than just the TM
  • I have a bumble bee approach to spirituality; although I resonate mostly with Vedic scriptures.
  • I see ‘I AMism’ and separatism as artificial social diseases
  • I know society has to drop body-consciousness and adapt soul-consciousness for us to heal and develop spiritually. We need to embrace a metaphoric spacesuit mindset.
  • I am suggesting religion is not the problem, but in fact the solution to this JWO; as the so-called religion we have been fed, is not true religious practice.
  • I believe that true spirituality/religious observance is nothing more than pragmatism.
  • I see we as collective individuals are both the problem and solution to this JWO agenda.


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