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If our whole goal as ‘Truthers’ is to bring more Light in the world; to shine the Light on darkness, then that’s all we need to put our attention into. When we talk about Light, we have to mean it. Light is the Absolute Truth, Light is Divinity and everything which pertains to goodness. For us to emanate Light, we have to surely become beacons of Light. Be the change we want to see in the world. The more we can Lighten up, the more lumens we can project the better.

In order for us to do that, we have to not only clean up, but pure up. It’s well time for us to get clean and get good with God. If any of us feel uneasy with the ‘G’ word, well that’s understandable. We are living in a un-Godly existence. A deliberately orchestrated material world, full of sense pleasure seeking.

In Vedic philosophy they say we are now living in time of Kali, which literally means time of quarrel. They describe these times being times of darkness and pollution, away from a Divine connection and the world engrossed in matter, or Maya (illusion).

For those who do feel uncomfortable with the ‘G’ word, we can use alternative labels such as The Divine, The Creator, Universal Spirit, The Supreme – whatever. But we have to make that connection; to the main grid. Without that we are vacant, despite our worldly egotistic achievements of matter.

I see it like we go up the local park with our laptop and we’re tapping away, but ultimately we have a limited capacity. It’s not until we go to a local WiFi place, or back home, that BOOM we suddenly have a surge of energy from the mains, but also the world wide web of knowledge.

That is what I’m suggesting is the difference of us just trying to muddle through on our lonesome, without this Divine connection, this main grid of www etheric wisdom. The two are incompatible. And this is what the ZEOS* Jews do not want us to tap into, as they want us to be atheists. It is in their interests for us to be materialistically driven, immersed in selfish sense gratification, dazzled by mammon and kudos. And myopically distracted by every new Pavlovian reward.

As I’ve highlighted so many times and is a nagging theme of mine; that I personally know and have met so many people who are fully aware about this agenda, but just will not do ANYTHING to resolve it. The only reason for this is fear. Apathy is in there too, but that is essentially fear-based. What if thoughts always present in their minds.

Having that special connection; you know the one – to that main grid; helps allow us to dissolve this fear – all these unnecessary fears. In turn this special connection gives us relative peace of mind, realistic hope and sustained purpose in life.

It’s not that we have to have halos on our heads, but I think once we become Divine-driven (God conscious), it changes our whole outlook on life. It affects everything we do. We begin to look at life and our identities more as souls.

That we are souls with bodies, not bodies with souls

It’s that simplistic, but it’s just we love to complicate things. We are all wearing funny-shaped spacesuits. All sorts of sizes, shapes, colours, ages and with varying capabilities.

This is the real essence of true spirituality and dare I say it religion. That ‘R’ word that has become a dirty word in this polluted society. True religion at it’s core, in it’s unadulterated unpolluted state is based on this soul-consciousness.

The fundamentals of true religious doctrines are tapping in on ego/kudos, greed, attachment, false identities, desires/lust, controlling the senses, focused attention, etc.

All the ZEOS have done is worked feverishly at keeping us in this body-conscious mindset and having manipulated these weak traits. Which we have allowed.

I can’t look at anyone in the eyes and say I can prove to them that there is a Divine force. But equally I can’t really prove in conversation that natural health works – even though I know it does – providing you have some level of trust, discipline, put the effort in and show tenacity.

It’s the same with spirituality. One needs to have some level of initial trust (faith), apply some discipline, put in some effort and provide some degree of tenacity. Then allow the subtle magic to happen. And it does happen. There are rewards. But just like natural health, they are slow to appear and they progress gradually, gently improving one’s persona for the better.

True religion helps us help ourselves; by subtly stripping back the layers of unconsciousness, or I should say body-consciousness. True religious doctrines help us peel back layer upon layer of the artificial crustaceans which make up our false egotistic selves; to reveal our true Self – our soul consciousness.

Poor old religion has taken the brunt of the blame again. But it’s not religion, it’s pseudo-religion which is to blame. It certainly isn’t the authentic religious practices which has caused all this mess, as we keep hearing – it is exactly the opposite.

It’s like someone eating a continuous diet of junk food, getting a diseased body, then blaming their poor health on food in general. When they weren’t eating food, they were eating de-natured food substitute.

I’m strongly suggesting that it is because we have turned our backs on religious doctrines that we are in this mess. It is only true spirituality – religion which will get us out of this trap. And I’d never thought I’d hear myself saying that.

It is only having that connection to the main grid, and only when we pure up that we are going to turn things around.

Now is the time we switch from the Truth movement to the Absolute Truth movement

 k k

*ZEOS Zionist Elite Organised Supremacists


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