Don’t focus on the tree


Hang Gliding


Since I’ve been away, I’ve noticed Zion Crime Factory has hung up his gloves. Another good man out of the fight. Shame – he was a great writer, a critical thinker and could express himself well on broadcasts.


His reasons seemed to be, that he’d simply had enough of this draining negative work/subject. And who can blame him. He has sure put in some effort over the last five years and it would seem he’s understandably run out of steam.


I certainly needed that recent extended tea break. This work really can take you places – places which aren’t nice. This darkness can creep up under your skin without you even realizing. It’s not until one is burnt out that you realise what’s actually happened. Why would it not when we’re exposing ourselves to endless negative current affairs, oppressive outcomes and very little optimistic news. It’s exhaustive. I don’t know anyone who has been at this work long enough who hasn’t been affected at some level.


This is why I deliberately sneak in odd bits of trivia and snippets of humour here n there, because we/I would completely crack otherwise. And this is what Mark and I spoke about last time I was on his broadcast; about becoming the darkness we are trying to fight. I’ve seen it happen to so many good souls, it in so many good causes.


This topic got me thinking about my hang-gliding days, when the instructors would often say to us “Don’t focus on the tree”. Meaning don’t put all your attention on not hitting the tree – because you will end up hitting the tree. It’s true – it does actually happen. We were better off paying attention to where we actually wanted to fly in freedom.


It’s the same in many aspects of life – sorry yet again I have to bring up this appropriate quote We become what we absorb. Racing drivers often talk about this. They are making constant split-second decisions and very much need to know their boundaries and obstacles. But the point is, these obstacles are not their focus. Their focus is their intent of direction and ultimately their final winning destination.


I think most of our focus should have more emphasis on:

  • What we want, more than want we don’t want.
  • To engage others in compassion, rather than hone in on evil.
  • Pay more attention on solutions more than what they are doing to us.
  • To assist others towards a more spiritual outlook, rather than keep highlighting the demonic aspects of this agenda.
  • To strategically look more where we are making successes, rather than our mistakes.


I think these are ways in which we are going to make progress.


That’s got to be our position. We have obviously got to be aware of these pitfalls, know the potential dangers and obstacles in our way – keep a close eye on the enemy and their potential plans; but a vast amount of our energy should focus on our freedom and our winning destination.

F1 car eye level view


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